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A few photographs

Last Sunday Princess and I drove to Yerseke in Zeeland, in The Netherlands to unwind and to dine in one of our favorite restaurants “de Schelde” named after the river Scheldt that runs trough Zeeland.

After dinner, while the light of the day faded away I made some photographs with my Olympus E-PM1 and the excellent Lumix 20mm f1,7.





During last summer Little A. and Big A. accompanied me to Yerseke in The Netherlands to enjoy fresh mussels.

It is a little village situated at the Oosterschelde, a large estuary and a paradise for scuba divers. I know, I did some 90 dives and enjoyed it every time.

There are also oyster farms and we had a stroll before going to my favorite restaurant.

At his quay I made this photograph with my iPhone.

Afterwards we enjoyed a copious and delicious meal in this restaurant that is so special to me.

More than a year ago I went there with Princess and when we came back to my place we made love for the first time.

Oh boy, it was unforgettable, making love with Princess.
Yet it became better and better and better.

It still does, believe me.

Less is more