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Spanking Princess

Past Tuesday Princess spent the evening and night at my place.

She arrived stressed after a busy day at work and driving around for her kids. We sat on the sofa and I listened while Princess talked about her day.
I sensed it was hard for her to relax and I started thinking about ways to help my Love unwind.

Princess was sitting next to me on the couch, on her knees, turned towards me.
Suddenly I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down, over my knees, pushing her hips up with my left leg and started spanking her. Gently at first, then a little harder. I stopped so I could feel between her thighs. She was already damp.

I went on with the spanking in a more relentless pace and felt how she got even wetter, her panty now soaked with her juices, sticky and sweet and so delicious.
My cock hardened just by looking at her reddening behind.

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Leather whip

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Visiting The Fetish Cafe

Past Friday we visited The Fetish Cafe in Antwerp and for us both it was the first time we took our D/s lifestyle to the outside world.
This is our account of the evening.

 The Fetish Cafe is a public place so the law forbids amongst others nudity and sexual acts. Saturday evening it is a private club and paid membership is required making nudity and sexual acts possible as long as they are not against the law .

Princess and I did our very best to keep expectations as low as possible so during the week before visiting The Fetish Cafe we didn’t discuss it.

On Friday Princess was scheduled to arrive around 21:30 at my place with a few dresses for me to choose from. She arrived later and in a bad mood. It turned out her daughter Ar had started a fight with her about nothing important but it had quickly turned sour.

Patiently I waited while Princess texted with her daughter, finally taking the phone and calling Ar while I sat outside in my lying chair enjoying another hot evening, watching stars appear while my eyes adjusted to the dark.

With a smile Princess told me she was finally ready to pick a dress and it was an easy choice as she had only taken one with her.
It was a black dress with a deep cleavage and very, very short and it fitted Princess like a glove, emphasizing her delicious curves.  The zipper was in front with a large ring as slider, very teasing and inviting.

“Is it okay?” Princess asked me, worrying because it was so short.
“It is perfect,” I told her, wanting nothing more than to rip it from her body and take her, here and now.
“Not to short?”
“Absolutely not but I do not want you to wear it without me being with you. This dress on your body is screaming sex,” I smiled.
With the high-heeled pumps she was a steal, my Princess, simply gorgeous and desirable and so beautiful.

I opted for a black shirt, black jeans and a black vest, very sober yet classy. Princess loves it when I’m dressed like this.

Before we left I put Princess’ collar in my pocket.
Just in case.
Princess and I were ready to go.
It was 23:15.

We arrived in Antwerp half an hour later. I parked and we walked for some ten minutes before reaching The Fetish Cafe.
Princess didn’t feel at ease walking in such a short dress and when we passed crowded terraces I’m pretty sure more than one man got a hard-on.
She really was that stunning and I felt incredible proud being at her side.

Finally we stood before the entrance, a small and discrete neon sign simply indicating The Fetish Cafe.
Princess and I took a deep breath and entered, descended by a steep stairway and entered The Fetish Cafe.

The cellars date from the 16th century with impressive vaulted ceilings, the brick walls battered and covered with several centuries of history.
At the wooden bar we were served by a collared lady and the few people present looked like one could find in any local café. No collared people or dressed in a specific way, just your average Joe.

As a matter of a fact I guess we were simply overdressed for the occasion but nobody took any notice of us and very soon we felt entirely at ease.

After a first drink Princess asked the female bartender if we could get a tour.
“Sure,” she replied with a smile, “I’ll ask my Master to guide you around.”
He was in his fifties, had a ponytail and looked also very average and showed us around.

The dungeon, sparsely lit, was awesome and filled with exciting attributes like a Saint Andrew ’s cross and a normal cross both made of old wood, several sorts of cages, a beautiful scaffold and several winches. In a smaller room we saw a swing made of rusty chains and against the walls were numerous metal rings to attach somebody to.
Later that evening Princess told me she felt like a kid entering a candy store and she loved it instantly and could already imagine playing with me in this room.

From the website The Fetish Café
From the website The Fetish Café

A young couple gave us a Shibari demonstration. A girl, only dressed in tiny briefs and nipples taped, was the model and we sat down on a wooden bench and watched her being bound and rigged.
I noticed a man entering too, sitting down on the same bench not far from Princess who was sitting very close to me, breathless and enjoying every single moment.
She didn’t notice though how this man, in violation with the house rules, got his dick out and started masturbating while intensely watching the Shibari act but peeking at Princess once in a while too.
When I looked at him again, a minute or so later he had moved closer to Princess.
“Stand up and sit down next to my other side,” I told her.
“Omg,” she gasped, finally noticing what was happening.
“Yes,” I answered, “and I can image him bending over to you asking for a hand.”
“Collar me than, please, Milord, so they’ll know I’m yours and I can feel safe.”
I took the collar out of my pocket and put it gently around her neck.
Princess stayed collared all evening and she was, except for the lady behind the bar, the only one.

The Shibari act was sensual, exciting and beautiful and we talked with the couple afterwards. It turned out he organizes training sessions and we are seriously thinking of attending one of them.
Bondage and spanking are two acts that make Princess go mad, bringing her almost to the point of climaxing.

We had another drink and the bigger part of the evening we spend talking with one of the owners, a sub who answered all our question and we felt good and at ease and we both got more and more excited by the idea of the possibilities laying in front of us.
It was really nice how the owners took their time to make us feel comfy and inform us and stressing the rules of Safe, Sane and Consensual.

From the website The Fetish Café
From the website The Fetish Cafe

At 02:30 we left the place and just before stepping outside I removed Princess’ collar. She had forgotten she was wearing it and felt a little sad after I removed it.

On the way home we looked at each other and we smiled and we knew we would be back very soon to attend the Fetish Lounge Club play fest, for couples only, organized every first Saturday of the month. We feel safe with the idea to be among couples only.
Princess and I are looking forward to meet kindred spirits and learn new tricks and techniques and share ideas on our D/s lifestyle.
For the other manifestations a total of 5 single men are allowed next to the attending couples but for now we find this to menacing .

We didn’t talk much, Princess and I, both still processing the evening and its incitements.

Home we went to bed and we fell asleep almost immediately waking up only a few hours later, still tired, ready for a day at the beach with Stella and Star.
The previous evening stayed on our minds the whole day, building up arousal and excitement in our bodies and minds.

Back home, Saturday evening, after taking a bath, we played for the first time in weeks and it was incredible and very intense.
More on that in a later post 🙂

A new experience – Part One

The day had been sunny and hot, a pleasant change with the chilly, clouded and very wet past few weeks.

On this airless evening I was standing on my terrace and admired the myriad of colors the dying sun was painting on the clouds.

I went back in, lit the candles, opened a bottle of Bin 50, excellent Shiraz so it could breath and on my computer I selected my favorite playlist, simple labeled BDSM. It’s a mix of rock, dark ambient and parts of the soundtrack of Story Of O.
The latter reminds Princess of the numerous whipping scenes making her hot in anticipation even before I touch her.

Back outside I lay down in my Transat awhile and watched dusk changing the sky colors, saw a single star appear. Soon though brooding clouds started moving in from the west. I wasn’t sure but for a second I thought I saw a distant flash and heard very faint rumbling.

When Princess finally arrived it was completely dark and the lightning and thunder were approaching quickly. We could almost feel the tension building up and that electrical smell in the air more and more prominent.

We kissed, I gave her a glass of wine and we stood outside and felt how the wind gained in force although it was still muggy.
When they finally came, the first raindrops, they cooled down our hot skin. It was an intense erotic sensation. We kissed, tasted each other, drinking the water that was now falling down in abundance out of our mouths.
We kissed and kissed.
Tongues discovering.

I pulled Princess back in the living room, now filled with the organic smell of wet earth.
Only a few candles were lit and ORE was playing on the background.
Nature added the lightning and the menacing thunder and I couldn’t have imagined a better setting for us to play.

“Please,” Princess said, “own me. Use me.”

I didn’t answer but simply collared her.
She smiled in anticipation.

“I want it hard, Milord,” she whispered, “I want to feel You, mark me, I am Yours. Forever. I want to caress the marks you give me for days to come as they remind me of You and our moments together.”

I grabbed her hair, pulling her face close to mine, she moaned.
“Don’t forget Princess, I love you with my soul and my heart,” I whispered.
“I know,” Princess answered, “I know.”
She tried to kiss me but I pushed her away.

“Strip. Now.”

Princess looked me straight in the eye. She is allowed to do so. I do want my submissive to be confident.
She didn’t move.

“What part of what I just said did you not understand, Princess?”
I hate shouting or raising my voice, preferring whispering so she really has to pay attention to what I say.

Princess didn’t answer.
“I said STRIP or you can disobey of course. We’ll just cuddle and then go to bed and sleep. It is your choice yet I know you want me to whip, pinch and bite your and make your skin burn.”

I noticed a hint of a smile and then Princess moved, very slowly, pulling her wet T-shirt over her head exposing her gorgeous breasts and erect nipples to me.

Her skirt slid over her hips and legs and when she moved her hands to push down her panties I ordered her to stop.

“Do you trust me, Princess?” I asked.
“Yes Milord. I trust You with my life. You know I do.”

The remains of hot candle wax, carefully removed from Princess' breasts.
The remains of hot candle wax, carefully removed from Princess’ breasts.

About Princess and I… and BDSM

Yesterday in the late afternoon Princess texted telling she missed me very much and was yearning for kisses. What’s the curfew if I wanted to come over and sneak under the cover with you? she added.
I answered she was more than welcome.
Anytime, any day.

When Princess arrived at my place we hugged and I guided her to my sofa where we sat down. We chitchatted for a while, in some sort reviewing the day, drinking excellent Shiraz.

Princess and I are spending this weekend in Bruges.
I asked Princess what she would like me to take with us in case we had time to play, limited to three objects and I made a mental note of my preferences.

“The collar for sure,” Princess replied.
“Okay”, I nodded, “and?”
“One of your whips of course, or the bamboo stick, I’m not sure. Could we take both? Please?”
I smiled.
Then Princess hesitated.
“Tell me,” I encouraged her.
“The clover clamps,” she answered, hesitatingly. “Omg, did I just say this?” Princess continued, “I hate these things, well, kind of hate/love them to be more precise.”
“Go on, tell me, Princess.”
“They hurt, they sting so much and when you take them out your black box of pain I feel fear even if I know now how they feel. Yet when you whip or cane me, or fuck me from behind, they feel so good, they increase the gratification I feel.”
Once again I smiled, I remember the effect they had, surprising us both, just a few days ago, just before we ended our play. I will be writing about it.

We love talking about how we play so we can fine tune and explore new paths and this time we made some sort of overview. Where are we, where can we grow, what needs more attention, new paths.
This is what we agreed upon.

Not enough was the first thing Princess said, as she likes to be tied up. It is about wanting to feel helpless and giving Me all her trust.
Recently we have been talking about shibari and Princess is eager to try it.

We both feel we can grow here. It has been a minor aspect of our play. Princess wants to explore and discover what it means for her to be ordered. She gave me some examples and they will be included in our next play. I have some ideas too but weirdly I find it easier to use a whip than verbal domination.

Princess and I smiled at each other because we enjoy this part the most. There is room for growth of course, like increasing the intensity without exaggerating, but I should also find new ways to inflict pain on my Loved one.
I am still flabbergasted how wet Princess becomes when, for example, I whip her or play with hot candle wax. She told me she has something with fire and maybe this should be explored, within all safety limits of course.
Oddly Princess does not like me playing with ice although she introduced it. Well, to be honest, Princess likes to use it on me (I enjoy it very much), not the way around.

It was getting late and we both had to get up early. Princess and I were hot and we made love for an hour or two before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

There was one thing though we didn’t talk about. I prefer to write it down though because it isn’t that big deal, well most of the time. And I guess Princess knows this already, from deep within.
Sometimes, after an intense play, I feel a little down and uneasiness creeps in. We both had a great time; it was consensual, hot and intense. Yet somewhere in deep in my brain education and taboo’s start to fight with what I’ve just done and makes me feel, well, uneasy, a little guilty maybe.

Princess feels this and she soothes me very well. Before falling asleep thanking me over and over for playing; telling me how much she enjoyed it. And in the days after, on the phone or in a short text message, she emphasizes she wants to play again.
ASAP, Milord. Please…

I made this image a few days ago and it is our first attempt in rope bondage. It is based on a short video by Two Knotty Boys and is called Dragonfly Sleeve.
Of course it is not perfectly done but whom am I kidding, I’m a novice at this!

Rope bondage - 05.29.2013

Princess orgasms

Last night it was hard to fall asleep. Princess  spent the previous 2 nights at my place and now she was at home. Her kids need  Q-time with their mother too.
My bed felt so damned empty and I missed Princess’s warm body next to mine. It makes my day when I’m able to say good morning and kiss her gently before getting up and leave for work.

So I couldn’t find sleep and started thinking how the sexual part of our relation has evolved.

It took us about 3 weeks after we first dated before we made love going all the way and it was by all means unforgettable. We took our time to discover each others bodies and we enjoyed the touching, the kissing and everything that happens when two people engage in lovemaking for the first time. It was of course plain vanilla and it would remain so for months to come.

I can’t recall the precise moment but at one point, we were almost one year together, I pulled Princess’s hair during lovemaking and to my big surprise she seemed to enjoy it intensely.
Curious I tried it again and again and hell, Princess loved it and when I slapped her buttocks, gently, she almost came instantly.

Could she be a real sub, I started hoping and one evening we talked about it and she told me she loved to be sexually submissive. It was something that had been dormant deep in her waiting to be awakened and I was Princess’s wakeup call.

Vanilla gradually disappeared and whips and clamps and other paraphernalia helped us enjoy our lovemaking even more.

The first steep step was the collar and when I introduced it Princess resented it as a bridge to far, too explicit as she was still discovering what being a sub really meant for her.
Now she shivers in anticipation when I collar Princess.

Gradually I noticed it was more the pleasure of pain that made her tick, giving her very intense orgasms.
I remember the first time I pinched her nipples she screamed like mad. Now she loves clamps on them and I can’t pinch hard enough and dripping hot candle wax on her tits is like candy for a kid.

When we started developing our BDSM relation the spanking was a result of punishment but Princess enjoyed it so much we ended integrating it in our lovemaking. I use my hands, a horse whip or a couple of flexible bamboo sticks Princess bought me a while ago.

Over time I’ve learned and helped Princess to enjoy our lovemaking at its fullest, without any restrictions or taboos, helping her to let everything go and to float on her feelings and sensations, listening to her body.

A month or two ago we were in bed making love; Princess had mounted me, riding me while I pinched her nipples and slapping her behind.
Suddenly her eyes turned away, her breathing intensified and I felt intense convulsing around my cock. A long gasp followed and at that precise moment I felt a warm liquid running over my thighs. Princess fell down over me, shivering, her eyes deep pools of intense emotions.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered almost in tears now, “I think I peed. I’m so sorry. I feel so ashamed. Please, forgive me.”
I smiled and hugged her and comforted her, assuring it wasn’t the case and that there was nothing to be ashamed of.
“But I peed,” Princess insisted.
Gently I stroked her back and kissed her ever so softly on her lips and told her she had simply experienced a female ejaculation.
At first she didn’t believe me, she had never heard of such a thing so later on I showed her some websites explaining the what and how of female ejaculation.
Princess still felt very awkward about it but gradually I made her feel at ease with what happened that evening.

Since a few weeks Princess has really thrown everything overboard and enjoys at its fullest these incredible deep sensations that come with a female ejaculation.
Princess now comes several times when we make love, I’m not bragging about it, and begs for more. Until now, well, until a few days ago, this only happened when we were fucking in bed, sideways, looking at each other, her leg under my hip. Or while riding me.

One morning I had to pull the mattress on my terrace facing the street to dry in the sun, hell Princess had really gone for it, begging for more and more.
I guess passers-by must have thought I peed in my bed and we contemplated about how we could best avoid moisture damage.

Finally we bought two waterproof mattress protectors so we have a spare one when the other is in the washing machine.

Until a few days ago Princess ejaculating was limited to fucking in bed and we came to think it had also something to do with how we were positioned.

We were wrong and it came so unexpected and so intense it knocked us off our feet.



Sunday, January 6, 2013.

After two weekends and a whole week in between I finally was alone again.
Okay, I admit, when I dropped Little A. early in the evening at her mother I felt very sad.
No Little A. to welcome me at home after a hard day at work, just a cold and dark apartment waiting for me every single evening. For the next two weeks.

She sensed I was on the verge of crying so Little A. put on her glasses she had gotten earlier that day, with flashing led lights in the frame.
It was funny and finally I ended up with tears of laughter instead of sadness.

I drove back home, took a shower and fetched Princess.

It had been a hectic day for her too and we finally had to make a run to be in time for the annual fireworks. Not that we would have missed something substantial. It was okay but not really breathtaking, your usual uninspired firework, a zillion tax euro’s exploding in LSD-like colors against a dark sky.

I had my hand on her behind and I felt she wasn’t wearing undies. Good girl I thought, you know what I want, what I desire.

We walked back to my place, I opened a bottle of Cava and we sat on the couch and we toasted like we always do, on love, on us.

Princess exchanged some text messages with her youngest daughter while I lit the candles and looked for an appropriate playlist on my computer.

“I want it, I need it,” Princess sighed, “it has been so long, please Milord, hurt me.”
Gently I collared her, then grabbed Princess by her hair and pulled her on the floor in a kneeling position.

I unzipped and offered Princess my erection.
Princess loves serving me this way. On her knees, her hands on my hips, my hand in her hair, moving her head in a way I get the most satisfaction of her mouth.

After a while I directed her to the back of my sofa, cuffed her and made her bend over, her arms on the backrest. Positioned her, kicking with my feet against her ankles until her legs where spread enough and her ass was at the good height.

Pulled her T-shirt up and unhooked her bra and lifted her skirt over her hips.
Her ass, her legs in silk stockings, so delicious, I love every inch of Princess’ body.

I caressed her buttocks and hit Princess’ shoulders with the flogger. Then her ass and I enjoyed watching Princess shiver in delight.

“More please, Milord,” she whispered.

Swapped the flogger for a real horse whip and after a few moments I slid my hand between her legs. Princess was wet and I felt her labia open under my touch. She wanted me, badly.

Entered her, my hands on her hips, pushing my nails in her skin, banging her like a madman.

Slid out, played some more with my whip and then moved on to the bamboo stick.
Hell, she sobbed, she sulked, she screamed while I drew red scars on her skin. Then I entered again, violently, fucking her as if I just came out of jail after 20 or so years in solitary confinement.

Saw some spots that weren’t red so I had to make some adjustments with a wooden spatula.

Slid out several times to add some red to her ass and attached the butterfly clamps on her labia while Princess made little sounds, happy, enjoying the pain, the intensity of our lovemaking while I dripped hot candle juice on her back adding an extra.

Finally I took her in the ass, Princess was so open for me it was an easy entry.
Felt how she came; just the idea me sodomizing her was enough to push her over the edge.

Princess fell on the floor, her legs rubber. Took her in my arms and laid her on my sofa. I took off the cuffs, the blindfold and the collar and held her in my arms, gently stroking her with the tip of my fingers.

Princess produced goose bumps, so intense, while I touched her skin gently with a piece of fur.

“Omg,” she said, my Princess, “I have missed this so much. I feel my body, I feel my skin burn, I feel so much alive. So loved by you.”

Unfortunately her youngest daughter got sicker and sicker, texting in despair so I told Princess that she should go back home, we have all the time, her kid needed her.

Princess texted back, I’ll be there in one hour.
Held Princess in my arms, told her she was everything, that I wanted her to be my wife, I wanted to grow old with her.

It was intense this exchange of feelings and words and Princess told me the things I did was sheer torture, her skin so sensitive and when I touch her she dies the little death.

Then it was time and I drove her home and we said goodbye and I drove home and I was alone.

We both felt bad though, how this evening ended as we both wanted to unwind but weren’t able to.

One day, somewhere in the future I won’t be anymore.  Princess will be at my side, every morning, every evening, every night.

I will be happy and complete every single second, every single day for the rest of my life.

With Princess.


Thoughts – December 11, 2012

I am not going to number these thoughts of mine, I’ll simple add the date of creation.

It is Tuesday and tomorrow the date will be 12.12.12 and it will be the last recurrent date during my life.
Believe me, it is also your last time.
Think about it.

Princess was at my place. We talked a little, we drank some Cava and then I took her to my bedroom and tied Princess to my bed lying on her stomach and I used the bamboo stick she had bought me.

3 Feet of bamboo, the effect on her buttocks depends on where I hold the stick. Holding it at the end, it is as a whip but when I hold it in the middle it is as rigid as a ruler.
She loved the feeling, I loved the sound the wood made on her soft flesh and yet I was holding back. In the end Princess told me she felt she could take a much harder beating and I was aware I wanted to give her that. I didn’t though.

We don’t live together and at her home, with her daughters, they don’t lock the bathroom door. I do not want to confront her kids with the scars I leave on their mom’s buttocks or back. I do not want Princess have to explain to them the unspeakable. So I hold back and fuck, I hate it, as I do want to leave traces on her skin. Princess thanks me for the pain but whispers “Milord, I wanted more, I could have taken much more pain.”

Yet, as her Dominant I must also be a responsible person so I do not want her kids to be troubled nor do I want Princess have to explain what can’t be explained nor understood by teenagers.

Boy do I love the aftercare; when things have been so intense, taking the time to wind down together, this physical affection, to talk over how things went. To be close and to tell Princess how great she has been and to kiss her ever so gently.

I want to mark you, Princess, with my whip and my soul and my love.

Forever, a tattoo, so you can trace it with your fingertips and think of me and feel me close.

You and I, Princess.

Princess cuffed
Princess cuffed