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Came another spider

The day died a few hours ago, the evening started, the night waiting around the corner and within it the promise for a new day.

Dying day

An hour or two ago I made a short walk and collected some flowers with the intention to use them to make some macro shots.
The first flower contained a surprise as there was a very small spider hiding in it. I spend most of my time trying to make some interesting photographs but I feel I haven’t really succeeded.

I’m sharing them anyway.

Little A. came by; she needed some help for upcoming schoolwork.
And later on Big A. visited me, accompanied by her boyfriend, a very nice guy. They had spent the day in Antwerp but my first-born was ill, stomach troubles and she feared she had eaten something that was contaminated by wheat. She suffers from gluten intolerance.
I felt so sorry for her but unfortunately I can’t take her pain away.

I’m listening to my favorite playlist, a mix of rock, jazz, experimental, blues, pop and so on. No classic shit though, I don’t relate to it, well, except for a few compositions maybe.

Princess took her kids to the movies this evening, we phoned a few hours ago, just before she left.

I miss her very much but it is of course important that she spends time with her kids.
The past few weeks lots of her time has been consumed by Stella and Princess spends a lot of time with me too.
It is normal her kids complain and ask for some quality time with their mother.

Yet, I miss Princess and I wish I could hold her in my arms and travel through the night with her.
Sharing our dreams.
Holding her.
Starting the new day by whispering good morning and drown in her beautiful eyes.

Princess, I love you so much.

Spider - 01

Spider - 02

Spider - 03

Spider - 04