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Falling asleep

Yesterday we went for dinner, Little A. , Princess and me and it was a wonderful evening.
We ate mussels in the exquisite “Rooden Hoed“, a well know bistro in Antwerp.


After our delicious meal I took the girls for some sightseeing like the pedestrians tunnel under the river Scheldt leading to Antwerp Left Bank where we finished our evening at an overcrowded Salsa event. We didn’t dance though.

Pedestrian tunnel

Back home Little A., exhausted, went right to bed and Princess enjoyed a bath while I checked my stats on WordPress.com.

We went to bed and I lay on my back, naked and I pulled Princess on me, her back on my torso, spreading her legs with my knees, one arm over her chest, just beneath her throat, pulling her down against me and letting her almost no room to move.

She quivered when I started caressing her with the tip of my fingers in an ever so gentle touch.

Sliding down over her throat, her sides where she is so sensible, down over her hip, and up again, over her inner thigh and groin and over her stomach and further, between her breasts, then the shoulder and arm, ending at her wrist.
Soon goose bumps appeared and Princess whispered, with that soft and sexy voice of hers, how intense it felt and how much she loved me.

I repeated the patting, stroking other parts of her skin with some fur.
“Oh my,” Princess sighed and gazed at me, eyes incredible deep pools of pure love.

Deliberately I did not touch her breasts or nipples but in stead nibbled softly at her earlobe, a very sensitive spot of hers I discovered only a few days ago.
I played with her clit, Princess was very wet, playing and teasing, mirroring my movements with my teeth in her earlobe.
Princess arched her back, sighed and just before she closed them I noticed her eyes cloud.
She was so ready to embrace an orgasm so I stopped moving my fingers and went back to stroking her most sensitive spots like the inner side of her wrists, thighs, groin and sides just beneath the ribs.

“Mmmm,” Princess moaned, her face showing absolute satisfaction.
Started massaging her warm and wet sweet spot again, stopping just seconds before Princess climaxed, going back to gentle stroking.

Repeated this process over and over and then Princess groaned it was sheer torture.
I smiled and continued caressing her, pushing her to and pulling her back from release I knew she was now craving for.

“Please Milord, let me come, I can’t stand it anymore. Please?” Princess begged.
I went on with my sweet torture.
“Please Milord, I’ll do everything for You, I promise I will. I beg You, let me come. Please? This torture is maddening, I can’t…”
I gave her two short slaps with a wooden spoon on her mons pubis and then circled my thumb gently over her burning sex.
Princess screamed when she finally found the release she was longing for, her body convulsing, her beautiful eyes filled with tears and whispering “I love you… I love you…” repeating it as a mantra, ejaculating on my belly.

She shifted her body so she could snuggle against me, her warm skin against mine and I held her, comforting her while her rapid breathing and increased heart beat slowly calmed down.

I guess we simply drifted away walking up the next morning still holding each other.

“Good morning, my love,” I whispered.
“Good morning to you too,” she smiled.

It was so moving looking at her lovely face and body, softly illuminated by rays of early morning light peeking through the curtains of our bedroom.
Then I cried as I still can’t grasp how happy Princess makes me, how my life has become so intense.

Another seed pod

Letter to Princess #ASMSG

Last night, Princess, I reached out my hand in the deep darkness of the night, to feel your soft and warm skin next to me.
I wanted to make sure you were still there, next to me.
I must admit, Princess, I was so scared you were just a dream.

You sighed in your sleep, my love, when you felt my fingers gently touching you.
I smiled, reassured and happy and for a while I listened to you regular breathing and my eyes filled with tears.
You know how emotional I can get sometimes, Princess.

I fell asleep again, a dreamless sleep. Why should I, my dreams came true that evening when I first met you.

Each night, Princess, when I have the pleasure of your company, I touch you several times, whenever for some reason I am pulled out of my sleep.
In disbelief, still not able to grasp how lucky I am that we found each other, that you are in my life, walking next to me.
And petrified that after all it is only a dream.

You will read this, Princess, on the tiny screen of your iPhone or maybe tomorrow, at work.
I am sure you will beam, softened by these words that come straight out of my heart.

Trust me Princess… each night you do exactly the same and even deep asleep I feel, for a delicious and intense moment, your fingertips running over my body. Then sleep catches up with you again but you are soothed. I am there, next to you and I’m not a dream neither.

I love you so much, Princess.
You are the one I have been waiting for so long.
Princess, you are my life, my future.

I want to grow old with you.

Fuchsia & green

Thoughts – March 28, 2013

I am tired and exhausted and when I swallow my throat hurts like hell. The cough syrup tastes like crap and the pastilles don’t help much except they soften the irritation.

Yesterday evening Princess and I visited Stella and Star and I still find it astonishing to see how rapidly Star is evolving. She is now three months old and already so aware of her surroundings.
Star held my index fingers firmly while I made some noises and sang to her and it was so cute to hear her laugh.
Amazing she is, this baby girl.

On the way home Princess told me Bee, one of her daughters, was going to email a paper later on she wanted her mom to correct.
“It will take only half an hour,” Princess soothed me.
“Okay,” I said.
We came home and while Princess opened her email and downloaded the file I fixed us some drinks.
“Holy cow,” I heard Princess whisper.
“What is the matter?” I asked.
“Sixteen fucking pages,” she told me. “Sixteen!!!”
“Lets get started then. It won’t take long.”
Boy was I wrong.
When I emailed the corrected text to Bee it was almost 2 in the morning and we had to get up at 6.
We slept well that night, well, what was left of it, and it was our first night together without any form of sex.
Apparently there is a first time for everything.
Did I miss it?
Kind of.

But the intimacy of just sleeping in each other’s arms is so delicious, so intense.
So honestly, I don’t mind as long as I am with Princess.
That is the only thing that really matters.
She is the One.
Princess is my life and my future.
My Muse.