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I picked a dandelion with the intention to make some macro photographs. While setting things up I saw two plant lice (Aphids) sitting on the stem.

Quickly I changed gear and made this shot with my D300 (it has a relatively clean sensor compared to my D2h, a bellows, some extension tubes and the Sigma 180mm macro. Light is provided by a SB-800 powered down by 1 1/5 stops.

After taking some images I mounted my Olympus E-PM1 on the lens and filmed the lice moving. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to watch the footage yet.


A question

“Stop the car,” I yelled.
Big A. immediately hit the brakes and I was happy to notice she didn’t forget putting the gear in neutral.
“Holy crap Pops, what is the matter? Do you want me to have a heart attack?”
Big A. really was pissed and I couldn’t blame her. Learning to drive is hard enough without having some madman sitting next to you screaming like hell.
I smiled and apologized.
“Sorry my firstborn. This was just some stupid exercise and you did well, you stopped and didn’t forget to shift your gear.”
“Thanks,” she answered, “but why stop here?”
I pointed to a set-aside terrain.
“I want to collect some twigs and grasses.”

Patiently Big A. waited and after a few minutes I climbed back into the car.
“Let’s drive, beloved daughter.”
And she just did that.

Half an hour later I dropped Big A. off at her mother’s place and before she got out she inquired if I was going to ask Princess The question.
“Sure as hell,” I nodded.
“Good luck old man. Keep me informed.”
Big A. smiled and gave me a big hug. Then she was gone.
For different reasons Princess and I can’t live together yet but we are looking forward to the day we can. It is merely a matter of time.
We promised each other we would spend the rest of our life together, for the better and the worse, and this bond, this promise is carved, indelible, in both our heart and soul. And one day, in the future, I will ask for her hand.

While I waited for Princess, she would spend the night at my place, I made some photographs.

The she arrived and I took her in my arms and I held her and kissed her and gazed into her beautiful eyes, warm oceans of immeasurable love.
We sat down, Princess and I, and I took her hand.
“My love,” I asked, “would you be my fiancé? I know we can’t live together or marry and it may take a few years for us to get there, but I wish to say, to show, that I will be forever at your side. That my heart, my soul, my body belongs solely to you. You are my everything, my partner, my best friend. My Love.”

She smiled and bend forward and moments before our lips touched she murmured “Yes, I do. You and I,  my love. Forever.”


Golden shield lichen – Detail

During the weekend in the Ardennes I found on a nearby tree common lichen, Yellow Scales (Xanthoria parietina).
Xanthoria parietina is a foliose, or leafy, lichen. It has wide distribution, and many common names such as common orange lichen, yellow scale, maritime sunburst lichen and shore lichen.

Shot with a Olympus E-PM1 and the Sigma 180mm macro and Nikon PB-5 bellows.

Golden shield lichen - Detail


Just playing around with some stuff I collected during a walk in the woods.

I’m using a simple setup with a single studio flash and my Olympus E-PM1 with a Sigma 180mm macro with Nikon mount.

In the mean time I’m enjoying some single malt and Bowies newest Opus Magnus on the background.

Ideas and emotions are racing through my mind and I need to write them down but I haven’t found the right approach yet.
Ah, we’ll see.


Sticky seed pod

I love/used to love making extreme macro photographs. It is astonishing what one can see when a subject is magnified x-times.
Aren’t images taken with an electron microscope just awesome? How an amoeba can become a horrible monster.

During a walk I found this pod of seeds and believe me it sticks like Velcro. I made a photograph with my Sigma 180mm macro and then a close-up using the same lens but with a 68mm extension tube. This weekend I’m going to try to make an image with this rig and a bellows to get an even bigger magnification.
The camera used is the Olympus E-PM1 with an adapter so it fits to Nikon gear.

Sticky thing

Sticky thing magnified x-times