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A simple love poem by Princess

No rules this night.
Our given names
You are Milord.
I am Princess.
I belong to You.
Only You.

My body and soul
Need to meld,
With Yours
In this hypnotizing game
Of Love.

I want to come
So close
To You, Milord.
So I can look
In Your heart,
That is my haven.

Take me with You,
To the darkest
Backstreets of Your
Lead me.
Trust me.

Love me.

You make me
Feel safe,
Loved and wanted.
You make me

It’s breathtaking
When You
Mix all this.
Such a tasty cocktail
Of lust.
Make me drunk
With lust and wantonness.
Make me want more.
And more.
Help me grow.

I feel You in each
Fiber, molecule and
Atom of my body.
An intense and
Very extreme sensation.
Flooded I am
My senses exploding.
It is maddening.

And then Milord,
You simply take me


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SirFrancoBolli.org and other musings

It is up and running and although it still needs a little tweaking I am ready to go viral.

I am talking about my domain SirFrancoBolli.org where I am hosting my blog Princess and I.

In a few weeks I will be only posting on SirFrancoBolli.org  but for the time being I’ll be posting on both SirFrancoBolli.org and francobolli666.wordpress.org.

I sincerely hope we, Princess and I, will be finding you on SirFrancoBolli.orgvery soon.

We’ve read stories about blogs that are shut down without warning because their content is a violation against the rules of the blog hosting company.

Let me give an example.
As a user of Pinterest I was asked, a few days ago, to remove an image because it was against their rules, referring to nudity that was “not artistic”.
Who the hell are those idiots to decide what is art and what is not?
One could establish a set of rules of course and even then the line between art and porn or whatever will be very thin.

There are a zillion images on Pinterest that show naked people and my image was an artsy one of a woman dressed in ropes. And yes, I guess one could see the shadow of a nipple. One can find lots of nipples on Pinterest.
Maybe Pinterest’s censorship is based on personal taste what makes it even worse.

So I was asked politely by some frustrated idiot to remove the “offending” image which I did ending my subscription too.
I do not need Pinterest or whatever but they need us, users, who generate their income. If we do not use their services they go broke, it is that simple.
Unfortunately the masses prefer accepting censorship to free speech.

Don’t get me wrong on this as there are of course boundaries to freedom of speech like inciting hate, racism, pedophilia, bestiality and so on.

I have tweaked my blog on SirFrancoBolli.org and I am in a very bad mood and I’m working for Pinterest too, an underpaid side job and I have found two horrendous images that I think should need to be removed, not only from Pinterest.com but from the Internet too.
As soon as possible.

So don’t forget… SirFrancoBolli.org

Boss, I'm sorry, I do not feel well. My wife left me a week ago for my best friend's wife and at the moment I hate everything with boobs. I am rejecting this photograph, sorry, painting because it depicts group sex and that is against out policy. Yes Boss, I know, they are not yet fucking but one knows they will soon. There is also a degrading aspect because one can see in the lower right a man having strangulation sex with a woman. One can also notice a man without any arms but completely naked yearning for a blow job. Sorry Boss, I must be tired, sorry, but just noticed a half naked woman on the left enticing an almost naked kid with candy or something. Yours, Frustrated Idiot
I’m sorry, I do not feel well. My wife left me a week ago for my best friend’s wife and at the moment I hate everything with boobs. I am rejecting this photograph, sorry, painting because it depicts group sex and that is against out policy. Yes Boss, I know, they are not yet fucking but one knows they will soon.
There is also a degrading aspect because one can see in the lower right a man having strangulation sex with a woman.
One can also notice a man without any arms but completely naked yearning for a blow job.
Sorry Boss, I must be tired, sorry, but just noticed a half naked woman on the left enticing an almost naked kid with candy or something.
Frustrated Idiot
Dear Boss, as a Pinterest employe I am banning this image because this images shows two lesbians, one of them touching a naked child who on its turn is trying to fuck a lam. Or forcing it into a blow job, I am not sure about this. This clearly is against Pinterest rules. Yours,  Frustrated Clerck.
Dear Boss, as a Pinterest employe I am banning this image because this images shows two lesbians, one of them touching a naked child who on its turn is trying to fuck a lam. Or forcing it into a blow job, I am not sure about this.
This clearly is against Pinterest rules.
Frustrated Clerck.

A personal note

I remember how my father stimulated my fantasy. He made me a member of the local library, I was 8 or 9 and he allowed me to read anything I wanted. When I had questions, he was always there to answer them. My father made me write or tell stories too and taught me never to take anything for granted. I had to think for myself.
I like to think my father helped me to become a man with a rich inner world, lots of imagination and gifted with an open mind.
He died long ago, when I was 13, and I still miss him although I know that over time my mind has crafted a glorified memory of him.

A while ago Princess and I rented a French movie called “The Untouchables” and tells the story of an aristocrat who has become quadriplegic from a paragliding accident. He hires a young man, his complete opposite, as a personal assistant.
It is a beautiful movie, satiated with sincere and intense emotions, friendship and hope. It is based on a true story too, making it even more authentic.
In one scene a prostitute is hired to satisfy the paralyzed man but because he is quadriplegic she concentrates on his earlobe, massaging it and making him climax in a way a normal man can’t.
The (human) body is a master in finding ways to substitute senses that are lost.
When I posted “What a night!” a few days ago Princess said she doubted if anyone would ever believe we are able to play for 4 hours in a row.

My first reaction, ‘I don’t care’, was soon erased by the fact I do not want this blog to be a lie or a fantasy. This blog is a part of our personal life we want to share, an online diary, an account of us, Princess and I and our D/s lifestyle.

So yes, I can keep up the pace without Viagra or any other drug.
I have my own sensitive earlobe called my inner world.

No, I can’t come that easy anymore, it has even become difficult and Princess and I can make love or fuck or play for a few evenings in a row without me not even spilling 1 spermatozoid.

Do I mind?
I did until I met Princess.

She loves the way I am because I meet her needs and Princess loves to be thoroughly fucked and yes, I can do that.

I do not cum so I remain not only hard but also aroused and focused. Princess is the center of my sexual attentions and she craves it.

I find absolute pleasure in pleasuring Princess and my gratification is situated deep in my mind, in my fantasy world when she comes over and over. When Princess ejaculates and snuggles even closer to me, tears in her beautiful eyes, then I am so happy, so intensely moved I know just spurting my goodies cannot even start to pleasure me in the same way.

My mind climaxes when Princess shivers and shakes and loses herself in subspace and she sighs and whispers a zillion times how much she loves me.
The intense pleasure of giving aftercare, holding and soothing my Love adds up to that.
I am no longer driven by my desires so I can give pleasure in abundance to the woman I love so much and who is everything for me.
I give it all to Princess.

Princesses nipple and candle wax

What a night!

Friday in the early evening Princess and I went to our weekly dance lesson. Afterwards we enjoyed a drink with some friends on the terrace before my Love had to leave.
I had about 45′ minutes before Princess would return from picking up her daughter Ar at work and dropping her at home.

Some time ago I had bought an old chapel chair with a reed sitting for Princess but we hadn’t baptized it yet.

I set it up in the living room, shoving one piece of the sofa aside and turning the other half around so Princess could lean on it while watching the iMac 27″ screen. Prepared a movie and a playlist too and made sure the remote control of the Mac was at my fingertips.

Then I prepared two dark brown bath towels, one on the floor and one spread on the couch. Prepared a smaller one for myself, I get rather sweaty when we are playing, and finally lit a few dozen candles and closed the curtains.

After a shower and putting on my black undies, very sexy, designed by Valentino I was ready and, more important, I was now Milord, eagerly waiting for his lovely Princess to arrive and to completely submit to Him and His wishes; wantonness racing through my body, my mind and my soul.

Then I heard Princess enter the building and started the playlist so when she entered in my apartment, only lit by candles, The Host of Seraphim by Dead can’t Dance, was just starting.

“Wow,” she simply whispered and I could tell Princess was really blown away by the brooding atmosphere and already trembling in anticipation.

I grabbed her hair and kissed my love the pushing her in the living room.
“Ready?” I murmured.
Princess nodded.
I collared her and asked her if she needed to be cleaned.
“Yes Milord, I do. Please.”

I attached the leash to her collar and lead her to the bathroom where I undressed and washed her and inspected her and kissed Princess taking her back to the main room.

We started playing and it was one of the most memorable scenes I’ve ever played, 4 of them with aftercare in-between each of them.

Finally Princess and I played for a little more than 4 hours, a first one.

It was indescribably awesome, unforgettable and so very intense and extreme.

After playing we went to bed and on Princess’s request we played an extra scene, she wanted me to inflict even intenser pain and Princess lost herself into deep subspace, another first. Well, no true, she had been in subspace before but not that unfathomable deep yet. I did my best to comfort and sooth her, make her feel comfy and safe and when she came back she simply smiled and thanked me and we fell asleep.

To be continued

Waiting for Princess

Steel balls

I was dog-tired Saturday evening when driving back from the coast. We dropped Stella and Star at the “4”, the mother/baby unit and when we left Stella gave me an even bigger hug than that I’m used to and Star smiled and drooled and blew bubbles.

Finally we arrived at my place and Princess ran a bath and we took our time, talking about a zillion things, holding and washing each other.

After the bath I felt reborn, my fatigue washed away and replaced by desire.
Princess saw it in my eyes.
“Am I in trouble, Milord?” she whispered.
I nodded, grabbing her hair and directing her to the living room.
“Stand still and wait,” I ordered and went to our bedroom to get some stuff
out of the chest-of-drawers.

When I came back Princess was still standing the way I had left her, hands on her buttocks, shoulders pulled back a little. She has her moments, my Princess, and she can be a good girl.

I pulled the towel from her body while looking her straight in the eye and then pinched her nipples viciously.
“I am going to fuck you silly,” I warned her, kicking with my foot against her ankles making her spread her legs.

While vigorously kissing her I teased her between her thighs. It didn’t take long for Princess to get wet and ready.

Once again I grabbed her hair and pulled her over the back of my sofa so her ass was in the air.
I lubed them in my mouth and then effortlessly pushed the two steel Ben Wa balls (30 grams each) in her.
Princess sighed when my hand hit the curve of her buttocks and I vaguely heard the two balls making a ticking sound deep in her. Merciless I spanked her, hard, not holding back, then stopped and added a finishing touch with the riding crop.
She had her eyes closed, my Princess, and was making little noises indicating she was enjoying every moment. Her lips open, juices dripping on the floor. She was ready for me.

I grabbed her hips and pushed myself in her very slowly and it was simply maddening.  Princess moaned, moving her hips urging me to spear her.
Of course I didn’t and just moved in and out, millimeter per millimeter then trusting forward, my belly smacking against her buttocks and back to the slow pace.
On a few occasions I felt the Ben Wa balls against my gland and is was a pleasant sensation as it generated hot thoughts in my brain.
Her body tensed and she was ready to climax.
I let loose of her hips and spanked her twice.
“Come for me. NOW,” I hissed.

Princess did but I was not happy, feeling she could do better.
Hell, she knew very well what I wanted.
I told her so and she said she was so sorry and would try to be a good girl.
“Again,” I told her and grabbed her hips and pushed myself in her again and with my flogger I gently caressed her shoulders and with my other hand I spanked her.

It did not take much time before I felt her pussy pulsing and squeezing my cock.

I bend forward, pinched her nipples and grabbed her hair once again pulling her head backwards.
“DO IT,” I told her, pulling myself out of her, “please me.”

There was one long moan and then I heard the familiar and arousing sound of her juices splattering in the flagstone floor followed by the hard sound of the two balls she could not hold up anymore. I love it when she ejaculates and each time I remember that evening when she looked at me in disbelief when I told her I was going to let her spray her juices like a man.

My Princess, my love, her legs trembling, her skin covered with shiny pearls of sweat.
I took her in my arms. Princess could hardly stand straight and I kissed her, hugged her and soothed her, petting her hair, calming her down, feeling how her heart pounded and how she was breathing heavily.
Led Princess to our bed and helped her lay down, covering her up.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” I whispered.

When I came back she was smiling and she told me she wanted more.

We kissed and I pulled her over me and Princess took me and then I turned on my side, holding her in my arms, facing each other and I started moving, thrusting harder and harder.

Soon there was only the sound of my belly slapping against her behind and then I felt a warm fluid running over my thigh and she made only one sound, a deep “oh”. She shivered, my love, my Princess and it became intense as if she was electrocuted, whining and mumbling how much she loved me. Sighing she was going to die.
Princess murmured a vague sorry for the sheets and then she was gone.

I didn’t move for a long time.
I just held her.

When Princess came back she looked at me, amazed and happy, her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

“This was so awesome, Milord. I cannot begin to imagine it being even better than this.”

I just pressed my lips against her forehead and smiled.

Do not panic, Princess, we are just starting.

Steel balls

Reveries and thoughts – August 3th, 2013

Saturday afternoon, Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
Star was getting hungry so Princess, Stella and I found an empty table on a terrace and enjoyed a beer while Princess gave Star her fruit puree.

“Hey Franco, what’s the matter? You seem miles away,” I heard Stella ask, pulling me out of my daydream.
“Nothing special,” I smiled, “just enjoying the moment”.

As a matter of fact I was miles away, still savoring our visit to The Fetish Café which, obviously, I could not reveal to Stella.
Ah, the possibilities lying in front of us.
Playing in a new environment, a real dungeon no less, filled with all sorts of goodies. Meeting people and expanding our horizon, getting new ideas.
For our first private party, maybe even more than one, we would see which way the wind’s blowing before getting our hands dirty.
Atmosphere and people attending to the events are equally important and we should feel safe and at ease, not being pushed or accosted by other attendees.
It would be sad if our first experience would be spoiled in some way.

Looking at other people will satisfy my voyeuristic tendencies and I already know I will have no problem whatsoever showing myself. But am I ready to show Princess, revealing her beauty to others?
I am curious how it will feel playing while other people are watching us.
So many new experiences waiting…

We should go shopping too, Princess and I. She will need something special to wear, a Latex dress maybe or a gorgeous and very sensual lace corset top.
Just the idea getting sexy clothes for Princess is already titillating and something to look forward to.

“Do you want to hold Star for a moment?” Princess asked.
I took Star in my arms giving her a tiny kiss and she chuckled while drooling on my T-shirt. She is such a lovely and joyful baby.

Here I was, sitting and enjoying just the simplest of things with Princess, my love, my everything. Holding her daughter’s baby, me, a surrogate grandpa, and with so much good things happening around me, around us.
Hell I thought and thanked an unnamed entity for making my life so worthwhile, so magnificent and filled with laughter and happiness. And love, oh boy, so much intense and unconditional love.
It hasn’t always been that way but fuck, it is the here and know that counts.
And our future.

Let's go

Visiting The Fetish Cafe

Past Friday we visited The Fetish Cafe in Antwerp and for us both it was the first time we took our D/s lifestyle to the outside world.
This is our account of the evening.

 The Fetish Cafe is a public place so the law forbids amongst others nudity and sexual acts. Saturday evening it is a private club and paid membership is required making nudity and sexual acts possible as long as they are not against the law .

Princess and I did our very best to keep expectations as low as possible so during the week before visiting The Fetish Cafe we didn’t discuss it.

On Friday Princess was scheduled to arrive around 21:30 at my place with a few dresses for me to choose from. She arrived later and in a bad mood. It turned out her daughter Ar had started a fight with her about nothing important but it had quickly turned sour.

Patiently I waited while Princess texted with her daughter, finally taking the phone and calling Ar while I sat outside in my lying chair enjoying another hot evening, watching stars appear while my eyes adjusted to the dark.

With a smile Princess told me she was finally ready to pick a dress and it was an easy choice as she had only taken one with her.
It was a black dress with a deep cleavage and very, very short and it fitted Princess like a glove, emphasizing her delicious curves.  The zipper was in front with a large ring as slider, very teasing and inviting.

“Is it okay?” Princess asked me, worrying because it was so short.
“It is perfect,” I told her, wanting nothing more than to rip it from her body and take her, here and now.
“Not to short?”
“Absolutely not but I do not want you to wear it without me being with you. This dress on your body is screaming sex,” I smiled.
With the high-heeled pumps she was a steal, my Princess, simply gorgeous and desirable and so beautiful.

I opted for a black shirt, black jeans and a black vest, very sober yet classy. Princess loves it when I’m dressed like this.

Before we left I put Princess’ collar in my pocket.
Just in case.
Princess and I were ready to go.
It was 23:15.

We arrived in Antwerp half an hour later. I parked and we walked for some ten minutes before reaching The Fetish Cafe.
Princess didn’t feel at ease walking in such a short dress and when we passed crowded terraces I’m pretty sure more than one man got a hard-on.
She really was that stunning and I felt incredible proud being at her side.

Finally we stood before the entrance, a small and discrete neon sign simply indicating The Fetish Cafe.
Princess and I took a deep breath and entered, descended by a steep stairway and entered The Fetish Cafe.

The cellars date from the 16th century with impressive vaulted ceilings, the brick walls battered and covered with several centuries of history.
At the wooden bar we were served by a collared lady and the few people present looked like one could find in any local café. No collared people or dressed in a specific way, just your average Joe.

As a matter of a fact I guess we were simply overdressed for the occasion but nobody took any notice of us and very soon we felt entirely at ease.

After a first drink Princess asked the female bartender if we could get a tour.
“Sure,” she replied with a smile, “I’ll ask my Master to guide you around.”
He was in his fifties, had a ponytail and looked also very average and showed us around.

The dungeon, sparsely lit, was awesome and filled with exciting attributes like a Saint Andrew ’s cross and a normal cross both made of old wood, several sorts of cages, a beautiful scaffold and several winches. In a smaller room we saw a swing made of rusty chains and against the walls were numerous metal rings to attach somebody to.
Later that evening Princess told me she felt like a kid entering a candy store and she loved it instantly and could already imagine playing with me in this room.

From the website The Fetish Café
From the website The Fetish Café

A young couple gave us a Shibari demonstration. A girl, only dressed in tiny briefs and nipples taped, was the model and we sat down on a wooden bench and watched her being bound and rigged.
I noticed a man entering too, sitting down on the same bench not far from Princess who was sitting very close to me, breathless and enjoying every single moment.
She didn’t notice though how this man, in violation with the house rules, got his dick out and started masturbating while intensely watching the Shibari act but peeking at Princess once in a while too.
When I looked at him again, a minute or so later he had moved closer to Princess.
“Stand up and sit down next to my other side,” I told her.
“Omg,” she gasped, finally noticing what was happening.
“Yes,” I answered, “and I can image him bending over to you asking for a hand.”
“Collar me than, please, Milord, so they’ll know I’m yours and I can feel safe.”
I took the collar out of my pocket and put it gently around her neck.
Princess stayed collared all evening and she was, except for the lady behind the bar, the only one.

The Shibari act was sensual, exciting and beautiful and we talked with the couple afterwards. It turned out he organizes training sessions and we are seriously thinking of attending one of them.
Bondage and spanking are two acts that make Princess go mad, bringing her almost to the point of climaxing.

We had another drink and the bigger part of the evening we spend talking with one of the owners, a sub who answered all our question and we felt good and at ease and we both got more and more excited by the idea of the possibilities laying in front of us.
It was really nice how the owners took their time to make us feel comfy and inform us and stressing the rules of Safe, Sane and Consensual.

From the website The Fetish Café
From the website The Fetish Cafe

At 02:30 we left the place and just before stepping outside I removed Princess’ collar. She had forgotten she was wearing it and felt a little sad after I removed it.

On the way home we looked at each other and we smiled and we knew we would be back very soon to attend the Fetish Lounge Club play fest, for couples only, organized every first Saturday of the month. We feel safe with the idea to be among couples only.
Princess and I are looking forward to meet kindred spirits and learn new tricks and techniques and share ideas on our D/s lifestyle.
For the other manifestations a total of 5 single men are allowed next to the attending couples but for now we find this to menacing .

We didn’t talk much, Princess and I, both still processing the evening and its incitements.

Home we went to bed and we fell asleep almost immediately waking up only a few hours later, still tired, ready for a day at the beach with Stella and Star.
The previous evening stayed on our minds the whole day, building up arousal and excitement in our bodies and minds.

Back home, Saturday evening, after taking a bath, we played for the first time in weeks and it was incredible and very intense.
More on that in a later post 🙂