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You by Princess

I want to climb mountains and
Go boating on the deepest oceans
With you, my love.

I want to fly to the Far East
And ride on elephants.
To travel to Cologne,
Paris and,
Even better,
Travel the world.
With you, my love.

Can you see me?
Can you feel me?
Can you hear my breath?
Are you real or
Am I just dreaming you?

I want to feel you
My love.
Make my skin burn.
Let my lips crave.
Feed my desire.
Only then I’m sure
You and I exist
For real.

Let the world perish.
As long as I have you
I don’t give a damn.

A rainbow


During our stay at Brittany, my first real vacation with my girls it quickly came clear they wanted their father at their side and not a photographing maniac.

I tried to respect that but sometimes it was difficult not having the luxury to travel alone. I try to fill in their school holidays with my legal days off.
Spending quality time with them and photographing, it is not easy.

On evening we arrived at this beach, I forgot the name, and for some reason or another Little A. and Big A. needed some time alone, wandering next to the water. They needed some time for themselves.

I quickly got my tripod out of the car and in this fading light I was able to make some long exposures.

Cobbles I

Cobbles II

Cobbles III

Seawater swimming pool

On Binic beach (Brittany, France) one can find a sea swimming pool. It is filled during high tide and people can swim in it while low tide.
One evening my daughters and I were walking along the pier and the swimming pool started to be flooded by the upcoming water.

I made this shot and a few weeks later, looking at it on my computer screen, it didn’t seem like a very interesting image. I was playing with the curves tool in Photoshop when my daughter unintentionally pushed against my elbow and my hand moved, pulling the line of curves completely down.

I like the result very much.

Swimming pool
Swimming pool