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I need to stay focused and do whatever I love to do in order to compensate for the stuff I don’t like to do (anymore).

Even though I got it all, love, a good job, friends, no real worries, demons out of the past are catching up with me again.

I’m taking some time off at work to concentrate on what I really love. That’s Princess, BDSM, Dominance, rope. I like to add some photography and writing to this already titillating mix of pleasurable stuff.

I believe I am quite good at tying a simple gote. Obviously there is still much room for improvement but there are other ties too.

So these past few days I have been studying the futomomo tie. It is a leg binding tie that can be used on the ground or in suspension and handy for sex. The nice thing about the futomomo is that the way you tie it may vary and thus offering quite some creativity.

Princess's feet
Princess’s feet

Yesterday evening, Tuesday, I tried it on my model, the godly Lena Rogerdottir.

Made a few variations, then tried the 6mm jute I recently bought and treated, then ended the evening with a limited floor suspension using the coconut rope.

I made some photographs. They are great, they really are. I make the best photographs in the world.

This afternoon, checking the images in Lightroom, I can see my errors, both in tying and in taking an image. Some of the latter can be solved with Photoshop albeit that is not the way I generally work.

I post my images in a close Facebook group matching myself with newbies like me and the best of the world. Intimidating but I’m getting there too. It is nice to see that my work is appreciated.

Then my model, Lena Rogerdottir, and I subscribed to an Esinem training on the hip harness. Indeed that tie is still missing in my repertoire.

After that we went to bed and we talked for a while and then dozed off.

She was awake before me and then I woke up. We made love and it was ferocious and Lena ravenous for yet another orgasm. I spanked her, flogged her and fucked her to kingdom come.

In the late afternoon I downloaded a few chapters of her new book Maggie Carpenter mailed me. I read her work for typos and inconsistencies. I love doing this kind of stuff as I do learn new expressions and other writing stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying the hip harness. After that I’ll be taking, with my model,  classes on suspension.

Playing with the futomomo



I showed Princess the interesting short movie Kinbaku by Jouni Hokkanen.

She did not like how the movie started or ended at all. I myself had not really paid notice as I had been much more interested in the story about Kinbaku and how this relates with the Japanese society today.

“This is not how I want to be identified with as a submissive,” Princess told me and of course she was right.

The movie Kinbaku starts with a model explaining how she had found pleasure in the rope, in being a submissive, after a long period of cutting herself.

In fact, one of the best BDSM-movies ever made, Secretary, has the same approach where the would be submissive is also into self-mutilation but finds her catharsis in being a submissive.

It insinuates that being a submissive implicates there is something (mentally) wrong with you.
That is simply not true.

Princess liked the scenes with Osada Steve and found what he said to be very intense and deep.


What a night!

Friday in the early evening Princess and I went to our weekly dance lesson. Afterwards we enjoyed a drink with some friends on the terrace before my Love had to leave.
I had about 45′ minutes before Princess would return from picking up her daughter Ar at work and dropping her at home.

Some time ago I had bought an old chapel chair with a reed sitting for Princess but we hadn’t baptized it yet.

I set it up in the living room, shoving one piece of the sofa aside and turning the other half around so Princess could lean on it while watching the iMac 27″ screen. Prepared a movie and a playlist too and made sure the remote control of the Mac was at my fingertips.

Then I prepared two dark brown bath towels, one on the floor and one spread on the couch. Prepared a smaller one for myself, I get rather sweaty when we are playing, and finally lit a few dozen candles and closed the curtains.

After a shower and putting on my black undies, very sexy, designed by Valentino I was ready and, more important, I was now Milord, eagerly waiting for his lovely Princess to arrive and to completely submit to Him and His wishes; wantonness racing through my body, my mind and my soul.

Then I heard Princess enter the building and started the playlist so when she entered in my apartment, only lit by candles, The Host of Seraphim by Dead can’t Dance, was just starting.

“Wow,” she simply whispered and I could tell Princess was really blown away by the brooding atmosphere and already trembling in anticipation.

I grabbed her hair and kissed my love the pushing her in the living room.
“Ready?” I murmured.
Princess nodded.
I collared her and asked her if she needed to be cleaned.
“Yes Milord, I do. Please.”

I attached the leash to her collar and lead her to the bathroom where I undressed and washed her and inspected her and kissed Princess taking her back to the main room.

We started playing and it was one of the most memorable scenes I’ve ever played, 4 of them with aftercare in-between each of them.

Finally Princess and I played for a little more than 4 hours, a first one.

It was indescribably awesome, unforgettable and so very intense and extreme.

After playing we went to bed and on Princess’s request we played an extra scene, she wanted me to inflict even intenser pain and Princess lost herself into deep subspace, another first. Well, no true, she had been in subspace before but not that unfathomable deep yet. I did my best to comfort and sooth her, make her feel comfy and safe and when she came back she simply smiled and thanked me and we fell asleep.

To be continued

Waiting for Princess

Thoughts – July 24th, 2013

I could not fall asleep last night as it was still so hot in my apartment.
I was sweating.
Longing desperately for Princess.
So much going on in my head. Chatter, thoughts and dreams.

Got out of bed little past midnight and sat in front of the 27″ screen of my iMac for a while.
Skin itching and feeling so sticky.
Adjacent windows open but no breeze to bring some relief.
Buzzing mosquitos.
No booze in the fridge. Only water, coke and Schweppes.

Put on my headphones and opened iTunes. I needed something dramatic music to listen to and what is better on a lost and scorching night than Nick Cave’s “Push the Sky Away” with such inaccessible lyrics?

I felt hot myself but I didn’t want to spank the monkey. Hell, I made Princess promise all her orgasms would be mine and thus she is not allowed to masturbate when I am not with her. So I don’t touch myself either and keep it for her.

Lost track of time, did some catching-up reading of recent posts on blogs I follow and then decided I wanted to spend some cash.
Half an hour later I clicked on PayPal finishing my order of adjustable nipple clamps (to add to my collection), a vibrating butt plug (I am looking forward using it), Ben Wa balls and 10 meters of black silk rope.

I went to bed but was only dipped below the surface of sleep, haunted by unpleasant thoughts and feelings and when I woke up this morning I felt wrecked.

No sun, only a grey sky and the promise of a violent summer storm with far away rumbling coming near rapidly.
It is still hot though and I wish I did feel a little better but I don’t as I still am haunted by anxiety.

Dying leaf

Church chair

My father was a Catholic, my mother, with English roots, a Protestant. When they wed they where not allowed doing so in front of the main altar because of my mothers believes and she did not want to convert. So the Catholic priest performed the ceremony in a corner of the church. The year was 1958.
I was baptized and I couldn’t do anything about it, I could not say, fuck you, I want to make my own choices.
After all I was only 5 days old.

When I married my former wife, under her parent’s pressure, church ceremony was included.
I remember we had to follow some initiation about “love”, a few evenings during a 3-week period. It turned out I knew much more about Biblical history than she did.
The parish priest was an old man and he refused marrying us because I had told him I respected my partner’s belief but I considered myself an Atheist. After long negotiations and discussions about “respect” I finally had to sign some “official” documents promising that I would educate my offspring as true Catholics. Both my daughters were baptized and did their communions. I am a man of my word.
After out last “training” I told my now Ex I hoped the priest would end up in purgatory and be ass-fucked every single hour by the most hideous demons. She smiled but it never reached her eyes.

Ah, I love to hear those priests and Imams and whatever other sort preaching about tolerance. It counts only when you shop in their mall.
Damned hypocrites.

There is no doubt about it, I am a Christian and I am proud being so. I don’t kill, I don’t steal, I honored my parents, respect others and I don’t fuck another man’s wife.
I am just a human being with respect for other beings but this does not mean I am a Catholic. I simply do not believe.
With all due respect for those who do of course.

On numerous occasions Princess has told me how her parents pushed her, no, forced is a better word, into Catholicism with regular retreats with nuns and God and Hell and so on; Dante’s Inferno injected in the mind of a girl. The result of all this is so obvious… Princess does not want to be a part of this charade and resents it more than I do.

Mind you, I have no problem discussing belief with friends as long as none of us is trying to convert the other party.

I was out shopping in a second-hand store looking for a silver tray to use when we play. Princess will hold it and thus present me the clover clamps, gag ball, blindfold and restraints.

When I saw it I knew I wanted it.
A church chair I acquired for a miserable 1 euro (about 1,30$).
It is a symbol that I will use in a way it was never intended for and I will do so with much pleasure.

We, Princess and I, already used it and we simply love it.
When she kneels it is perfect for whipping and flogging and in that position I performed my first rope bondage.
She sat on it, tied to it, when I dripped hot candle wax on her breasts and labia.

Princess wants one for at home, in her bedroom she is decorating as a donjon, a playroom. Impatiently waiting for the day everything falls in its place and her kids accept me in their home and I will be able to spend the night at her place.

I hope I have not offended you, dear Reader and if I did believe me, I did not intend to.


About Princess and I… and BDSM

Yesterday in the late afternoon Princess texted telling she missed me very much and was yearning for kisses. What’s the curfew if I wanted to come over and sneak under the cover with you? she added.
I answered she was more than welcome.
Anytime, any day.

When Princess arrived at my place we hugged and I guided her to my sofa where we sat down. We chitchatted for a while, in some sort reviewing the day, drinking excellent Shiraz.

Princess and I are spending this weekend in Bruges.
I asked Princess what she would like me to take with us in case we had time to play, limited to three objects and I made a mental note of my preferences.

“The collar for sure,” Princess replied.
“Okay”, I nodded, “and?”
“One of your whips of course, or the bamboo stick, I’m not sure. Could we take both? Please?”
I smiled.
Then Princess hesitated.
“Tell me,” I encouraged her.
“The clover clamps,” she answered, hesitatingly. “Omg, did I just say this?” Princess continued, “I hate these things, well, kind of hate/love them to be more precise.”
“Go on, tell me, Princess.”
“They hurt, they sting so much and when you take them out your black box of pain I feel fear even if I know now how they feel. Yet when you whip or cane me, or fuck me from behind, they feel so good, they increase the gratification I feel.”
Once again I smiled, I remember the effect they had, surprising us both, just a few days ago, just before we ended our play. I will be writing about it.

We love talking about how we play so we can fine tune and explore new paths and this time we made some sort of overview. Where are we, where can we grow, what needs more attention, new paths.
This is what we agreed upon.

Not enough was the first thing Princess said, as she likes to be tied up. It is about wanting to feel helpless and giving Me all her trust.
Recently we have been talking about shibari and Princess is eager to try it.

We both feel we can grow here. It has been a minor aspect of our play. Princess wants to explore and discover what it means for her to be ordered. She gave me some examples and they will be included in our next play. I have some ideas too but weirdly I find it easier to use a whip than verbal domination.

Princess and I smiled at each other because we enjoy this part the most. There is room for growth of course, like increasing the intensity without exaggerating, but I should also find new ways to inflict pain on my Loved one.
I am still flabbergasted how wet Princess becomes when, for example, I whip her or play with hot candle wax. She told me she has something with fire and maybe this should be explored, within all safety limits of course.
Oddly Princess does not like me playing with ice although she introduced it. Well, to be honest, Princess likes to use it on me (I enjoy it very much), not the way around.

It was getting late and we both had to get up early. Princess and I were hot and we made love for an hour or two before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

There was one thing though we didn’t talk about. I prefer to write it down though because it isn’t that big deal, well most of the time. And I guess Princess knows this already, from deep within.
Sometimes, after an intense play, I feel a little down and uneasiness creeps in. We both had a great time; it was consensual, hot and intense. Yet somewhere in deep in my brain education and taboo’s start to fight with what I’ve just done and makes me feel, well, uneasy, a little guilty maybe.

Princess feels this and she soothes me very well. Before falling asleep thanking me over and over for playing; telling me how much she enjoyed it. And in the days after, on the phone or in a short text message, she emphasizes she wants to play again.
ASAP, Milord. Please…

I made this image a few days ago and it is our first attempt in rope bondage. It is based on a short video by Two Knotty Boys and is called Dragonfly Sleeve.
Of course it is not perfectly done but whom am I kidding, I’m a novice at this!

Rope bondage - 05.29.2013