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Thoughts – April 29, 2013

The weekend was great because it was Little A’s weekend with me. On Saturday evening I welcomed Princess and we went to our dance lesson, the first session in the advanced group.
We started at the end of January and we are now already confident enough to go dancing outside our lessons and we, Princess and I, enjoy ourselves very much doing so.

When we came back home I made some sandwiches with mozzarella and tomatoes melted the cheese in the oven and added fresh basil. I have some
Just delicious and the Bin 50 2011 Shiraz went very well with it.

After that we asked Little A. if she would mind if we went back to the Cohibar for an hour or so to dance.
It was no problem whatsoever.

When we came back, later than promised, Little A. was still playing The Sims 3.
Princess and I had some more wine and we talked awhile with Little A. and then called it a day and went to bed.

The next morning, Princess had to leave early, I spend some quality time with Little A. and watched some Disney Channel stuff and after that I fixed us dinner. Fried potatoes, chipolata and fresh green beans, cooked and then fried with chopped onions adding a mix of several vinegars just before serving.

In the early evening I drove Little A. back home, after all these years it still hurts saying goodbye and I really do miss her.

Fetched Princess who had visited Stella and Star in the mother/baby unit and she told me how Stella had been intractable, drowning in a pool of fears. Even with the proper medication psychosis surfaces regularly.
I took the love of my life for a walk and then we want back home were we started planning our September holiday.
One whole week, away from home, for Princess something she hasn’t done in decades and thus completely new, not only for her but for her kids too.
We decided not to go to far, just a few hours by car and we combine a wellness weekend in Windhagen, Germany, an Xmas present we got from the family with two nights in Bonn and an extra night in the Eiffel.
And on Friday, September 20, we will be eating in a Sushi restaurant near where we live, reservations will be made for around 19:00. We will probably choose the same as we did 2 years ago, when we dated for the first time.
Sometimes it is fun to have a tradition.
After the planning I took Princess to our bedroom and held her in my arms and made love to her.

Today it is April 29 and at noon I received a text message from Princess with an awesome poem she had written for our blog. And in the late afternoon she picked me up to visit an apartment I had found for Stella.
Stella loved it and the guy from the housing company wrote down her name and address and then asked it they could contact her work.
Momentarily Stella has no work but has a replacement income but for a potential landlord this means nothing of course.

After the visit we drove Stella back to where she is staying and she freaked out and she is so afraid. Terrified that she will never have a place to stay and troubled for the future of Star, her 4-month-old baby.

We spend a few hours reasoning with her but in vain, Stella was unable to see things in their perspective.
I know Princess is used to this but I felt powerless and sad and there is little that I can do to help.

Anyway next Sunday I’ll be picking up Princess and Stella and Star and I take them for a day out.
We are going to Vlissingen, The Netherlands, sea, sun and leisure and I hope Stella will be able to forget her troubles if only for a day.
She must understand that she is not alone. Stella has her brother and her sisters and her mother who really care for her.
And me.


Thoughts – March 26, 2013

The deep red colored Australian Bin 50 Shiraz is excellent.
I’m playing Athamay’s Pleasure of Sin and the tracks Eternal Torture and Kiss (The Whip) are among my favorites.

On the little table next to my computer I have my simple setup. One lamp, a light brown background and some crumbled silver paper. I have my Sigma 180mm macro mounted on the heavy Manfrotto tripod and with the appropriate adapter my Olympus E-PM1 on the lens.

Some seed pods I collected a few days ago are enough for me to play.

I enjoy doing this, the writing, the photography.

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