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NSFW – Our Image Gallery

I’m an IT-guy in real life. Bills need to be paid, toys bought and I need booze and food to survive.

IT was also a hobby and in some ways it still is. Months ago I stumbled over the Linux operated Raspberry PI. It is a cheap computer board with quite some interesting specs.

Today I am using a Raspberry PI with Kodi and I use it as my home theater. It is linked with a 27″ computer display. The Raspberry itself is equipped with an optional DAC-converter linked to an old Akai Equalizer and a Pioneer Amplifier and three-way JVC speakers. Music and movies are on a hard drive.
Sound and image quality are superb.

Another Raspberry PI 3 has been running flawless for over 50 days now. I tightened security, stripped Linux as much as possible and then installed Koken, a free content management and web site publishing tool for photographers.  Using a free dynamic DNS service by No-IP I am able to put my Raspberry PI 3 on the Internet.

I have already a photography blog but haven’t posted anything for almost over a year now. I have this love/hate relation with photography.

So I decided to use the photography website that is running on my 40$ Raspberry PI for BDSM images Princess and I create. It is a running project so every week or so a new image is added. Lately we have been doing mostly rope-photography.

My studio is equipped with 3 flash-heads, soft-boxes and reflectors. I use a 12-year-old Nikon D2h with a 4 Megapixel sensor.

Check it out by clicking HERE and let me know if you like it.

Portrait of Princess Model : Princess Rope & image : me
Portrait of Princess
Model : Princess
Rope & image : me