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Princess orgasms

Last night it was hard to fall asleep. Princess  spent the previous 2 nights at my place and now she was at home. Her kids need  Q-time with their mother too.
My bed felt so damned empty and I missed Princess’s warm body next to mine. It makes my day when I’m able to say good morning and kiss her gently before getting up and leave for work.

So I couldn’t find sleep and started thinking how the sexual part of our relation has evolved.

It took us about 3 weeks after we first dated before we made love going all the way and it was by all means unforgettable. We took our time to discover each others bodies and we enjoyed the touching, the kissing and everything that happens when two people engage in lovemaking for the first time. It was of course plain vanilla and it would remain so for months to come.

I can’t recall the precise moment but at one point, we were almost one year together, I pulled Princess’s hair during lovemaking and to my big surprise she seemed to enjoy it intensely.
Curious I tried it again and again and hell, Princess loved it and when I slapped her buttocks, gently, she almost came instantly.

Could she be a real sub, I started hoping and one evening we talked about it and she told me she loved to be sexually submissive. It was something that had been dormant deep in her waiting to be awakened and I was Princess’s wakeup call.

Vanilla gradually disappeared and whips and clamps and other paraphernalia helped us enjoy our lovemaking even more.

The first steep step was the collar and when I introduced it Princess resented it as a bridge to far, too explicit as she was still discovering what being a sub really meant for her.
Now she shivers in anticipation when I collar Princess.

Gradually I noticed it was more the pleasure of pain that made her tick, giving her very intense orgasms.
I remember the first time I pinched her nipples she screamed like mad. Now she loves clamps on them and I can’t pinch hard enough and dripping hot candle wax on her tits is like candy for a kid.

When we started developing our BDSM relation the spanking was a result of punishment but Princess enjoyed it so much we ended integrating it in our lovemaking. I use my hands, a horse whip or a couple of flexible bamboo sticks Princess bought me a while ago.

Over time I’ve learned and helped Princess to enjoy our lovemaking at its fullest, without any restrictions or taboos, helping her to let everything go and to float on her feelings and sensations, listening to her body.

A month or two ago we were in bed making love; Princess had mounted me, riding me while I pinched her nipples and slapping her behind.
Suddenly her eyes turned away, her breathing intensified and I felt intense convulsing around my cock. A long gasp followed and at that precise moment I felt a warm liquid running over my thighs. Princess fell down over me, shivering, her eyes deep pools of intense emotions.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered almost in tears now, “I think I peed. I’m so sorry. I feel so ashamed. Please, forgive me.”
I smiled and hugged her and comforted her, assuring it wasn’t the case and that there was nothing to be ashamed of.
“But I peed,” Princess insisted.
Gently I stroked her back and kissed her ever so softly on her lips and told her she had simply experienced a female ejaculation.
At first she didn’t believe me, she had never heard of such a thing so later on I showed her some websites explaining the what and how of female ejaculation.
Princess still felt very awkward about it but gradually I made her feel at ease with what happened that evening.

Since a few weeks Princess has really thrown everything overboard and enjoys at its fullest these incredible deep sensations that come with a female ejaculation.
Princess now comes several times when we make love, I’m not bragging about it, and begs for more. Until now, well, until a few days ago, this only happened when we were fucking in bed, sideways, looking at each other, her leg under my hip. Or while riding me.

One morning I had to pull the mattress on my terrace facing the street to dry in the sun, hell Princess had really gone for it, begging for more and more.
I guess passers-by must have thought I peed in my bed and we contemplated about how we could best avoid moisture damage.

Finally we bought two waterproof mattress protectors so we have a spare one when the other is in the washing machine.

Until a few days ago Princess ejaculating was limited to fucking in bed and we came to think it had also something to do with how we were positioned.

We were wrong and it came so unexpected and so intense it knocked us off our feet.


Thoughts – March 26, 2013

The deep red colored Australian Bin 50 Shiraz is excellent.
I’m playing Athamay’s Pleasure of Sin and the tracks Eternal Torture and Kiss (The Whip) are among my favorites.

On the little table next to my computer I have my simple setup. One lamp, a light brown background and some crumbled silver paper. I have my Sigma 180mm macro mounted on the heavy Manfrotto tripod and with the appropriate adapter my Olympus E-PM1 on the lens.

Some seed pods I collected a few days ago are enough for me to play.

I enjoy doing this, the writing, the photography.

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