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More rope

Tuesday, February 21.

I planned a new rope session and have quite some ideas how to tie Princess in order to pleasure her and to create some powerful images.

Unfortunately I am tired, slept badly for the past two nights. A dispute between a colleague and me past Monday. His everlasting tsunami of negative remarks about everything, about me, about a sick co-worker, it was too much and I left work that evening extremely stressed.

So now Princess is here and she is worked up somewhat too. We talk, drink some wine.

Then we play but I can’t get the simplest tie right. All the ideas I had, every pose I envisioned, nothing works. My fingers don’t follow what I have in mind. The rope and Princess don’t connect. I don’t connect with Princess either.

So I drop the idea of making photos. Maybe I am trying to hard. Hell, I simply need to tie, to pleasure Princess, myself and connect with her.

I grab my Semenawa rope. Semenawa ropes are for sadistic sessions. Here the desired qualities are quite the opposite to the usual Shibari rope criteria. Fibres such as palm hemp and coconut are chosen specifically because they are scratchy, prickly and generally uncomfortable…especially in sensitive areas.

Now we are going places. I love this rope. Princess senses it too, we connect, Domination and submission dynamics settle in.

Soon Princess in completely under the influence of my movements, the way I tie, the coarse rope scratching her skin.

Then it is there, a new image.  I grab my camera and document the moment.

Princess is exhausted, I am tired. We call it a day. Soon we are cuddling up in our bed. We are ready to travel together through yet another night.

Semenawa rope chest-harness
Semenawa rope chest-harness

NSFW – Our Image Gallery

I’m an IT-guy in real life. Bills need to be paid, toys bought and I need booze and food to survive.

IT was also a hobby and in some ways it still is. Months ago I stumbled over the Linux operated Raspberry PI. It is a cheap computer board with quite some interesting specs.

Today I am using a Raspberry PI with Kodi and I use it as my home theater. It is linked with a 27″ computer display. The Raspberry itself is equipped with an optional DAC-converter linked to an old Akai Equalizer and a Pioneer Amplifier and three-way JVC speakers. Music and movies are on a hard drive.
Sound and image quality are superb.

Another Raspberry PI 3 has been running flawless for over 50 days now. I tightened security, stripped Linux as much as possible and then installed Koken, a free content management and web site publishing tool for photographers.  Using a free dynamic DNS service by No-IP I am able to put my Raspberry PI 3 on the Internet.

I have already a photography blog but haven’t posted anything for almost over a year now. I have this love/hate relation with photography.

So I decided to use the photography website that is running on my 40$ Raspberry PI for BDSM images Princess and I create. It is a running project so every week or so a new image is added. Lately we have been doing mostly rope-photography.

My studio is equipped with 3 flash-heads, soft-boxes and reflectors. I use a 12-year-old Nikon D2h with a 4 Megapixel sensor.

Check it out by clicking HERE and let me know if you like it.

Portrait of Princess Model : Princess Rope & image : me
Portrait of Princess
Model : Princess
Rope & image : me

Musings – July 13th, 2013 #ASMSG

It’s almost 10 o’clock on this sunny Saturday. Princess left about half an hour ago and I already miss her.

We had a wonderful evening and went dancing. During the holidays Friday is our weekly review training before we move up to group 3 in September. I think we are doing okay, we control the movements but we, well, mostly me, need to work on elegance and refinement and, me, learning to lead better.

Princess in particular loved the instrumental “This is not a tango” performed by The Juju Orchestra very much and I’m including the clip in this post.
Enjoy my dear.

It is a particular style of Salsa we are learning and maybe after we finished group 3 we will move on to another dance school and learn the much more sensual L.A. Style Salsa.

It is the first day of my holiday. Tomorrow I’m picking up Little A. who spent the last 10 days in Italy on summer camp. She will be staying with me for the next 2 weeks and I’m really excited having her with me.

Last Wednesday Princess and I played and it was extremely intense for both of us and in the end Princess was really blown away to some far away planet. Princess is a good girl, giving it all, without boundaries and shamelessly begging for more and more.

I am very concentrated when we play but this time I took some time to make a few photographs. Mainly for our book of memories but we selected some for this blog.
As I intend to write about last Wednesday, I’ll use one of the images for that future post.
A second photograph, this one, is for the About page too.

I’m off now, for a walk in the nearby woods and arboretum, to think about scenarios, Princess wants to play this evening, and to make some photographs so I can post some on my photography blog.


Important changes to this blog

I’ve been rethinking the way I approach the Net with what I do, mainly photography and some, mainly erotic, writing. As a result I made some decisions and they have to do with this blog.
So here I go.

1. This blog, Princess and I, originally started as an account of our discovery of BDSM and how it affects our relationship. By definition such a blog is filled with adult content and does not appeal to everyone. I do respect that.

2. I have rediscovered photography as a way to express myself and I have Princess to thank for that. She is my muse. Princess inspires me and gives me MY much-needed motivation. I’ve some followers for my photography and I don’t want to confront them with other content that may or may not offend them.

3. After more than a decade I’ve decided to terminate my domain name and website. Since 2011 I’ve hardly posted new content on it and I have no real use for this online showcase anymore.

Princess and I will become once again what it was intended to be in the first place:  adult content about the BDSM lifestyle we both are discovering and savoring.  Of course Little A., Stella and Star, Big A. and so on will appear in this blog as they are a part of our life and affect how we, Princess and I, react.

I have started a new blog, for my photography only and these images will have a copyright mark without revealing my (real)name as this blog will also fill the gap when my website terminates somewhere end of May.

Unfortunately I wont be posting a lot these coming weeks. I’m a part-time father, I have my work and there is Princess of course and that makes up for the bigger part of my time.  I’m also starting online classes called “Crafting an Effective Writer” that I’m following for the next 5 weeks on coursera.org.

You can find my photography blog, empty at this moment, via mftcamera.wordpress.com and I hope to meet you there.


Came another spider

The day died a few hours ago, the evening started, the night waiting around the corner and within it the promise for a new day.

Dying day

An hour or two ago I made a short walk and collected some flowers with the intention to use them to make some macro shots.
The first flower contained a surprise as there was a very small spider hiding in it. I spend most of my time trying to make some interesting photographs but I feel I haven’t really succeeded.

I’m sharing them anyway.

Little A. came by; she needed some help for upcoming schoolwork.
And later on Big A. visited me, accompanied by her boyfriend, a very nice guy. They had spent the day in Antwerp but my first-born was ill, stomach troubles and she feared she had eaten something that was contaminated by wheat. She suffers from gluten intolerance.
I felt so sorry for her but unfortunately I can’t take her pain away.

I’m listening to my favorite playlist, a mix of rock, jazz, experimental, blues, pop and so on. No classic shit though, I don’t relate to it, well, except for a few compositions maybe.

Princess took her kids to the movies this evening, we phoned a few hours ago, just before she left.

I miss her very much but it is of course important that she spends time with her kids.
The past few weeks lots of her time has been consumed by Stella and Princess spends a lot of time with me too.
It is normal her kids complain and ask for some quality time with their mother.

Yet, I miss Princess and I wish I could hold her in my arms and travel through the night with her.
Sharing our dreams.
Holding her.
Starting the new day by whispering good morning and drown in her beautiful eyes.

Princess, I love you so much.

Spider - 01

Spider - 02

Spider - 03

Spider - 04