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Dead crab

The Opal Coast in France has been for a long time a place where I could feel my inspiration flow.

One early morning, when I walked on the beach near Cap Blanc Nez, feeling so at home, I found these remains on a further pristine beach.

When I held what I decided to be my last exposition, the curator asked me for a list, the titles that I had given my work.

I told her I couldn’t, as I had no titles and didn’t want Untitled I, II and so on neither.
“Why?” she asked with her soft and sexy voice.
“A title or description manipulates ones vision. I want people to see my work and their fantasies and imagination should to the rest. Let them travel.”
“Wow,” she answered looking at me with “come to bed with me” eyes.
I didn’t as I was with Princess and this chick was already so pregnant.
I had nothing to add to her story.



These poles rise from the water when it is very low tide. I have no idea for what they are used for but they are covered with mussels.

I shot this one later afternoon with my D300 on a tripod and a 24-120 mm VR lens equipped with a combination of several neutral density grey filters adding about 12 stops so I could use a 20″ second exposure making the water somewhat misty.

Contrast was increased using curves and I desaturated slightly the colors.Then I added a few backgrounds and merged them with this photograph.

Location: Tardinghen Beach, Opal Coast, France.


Blériot Plage, Sangatte

‘Blériot Plage’ is named to commemorate Louis Blériot who, on the July 25, 1909, was the first person to fly across the English Channel. He flew from the beach at Sangatte, to the cliffs at Dover to claim the prize offered by the Daily Mail. The crossing took 37 minutes in his aeroplane, Blériot XI, built in collaboration with Raymond Saulnier.
Sangatte itself became internationally famous because of the works for the Channel Tunnel and is the location for the tunnel’s French cooling station
(Source Wikipedia)

Blériot Plage
Blériot Plage

Poles at Sangatte, France

Once again the Opal Coast in France.

This image was made with a relative long shutter speed during high tide so the movement of the water seems more like mist.

I added several textures to this image to create exactly what I had in mind when I was standing there, waiting for my camera to finish the exposure.
That evening, like most of the time before Princess finally came in my life, I was feeling blue and alone. Craving for romantics, for love, for meaning something in the life of another human being. Desperately wanting to make someone special happy. Little did I know, then, it would include cuffs, crops and whips.

I am so grateful she came into my life, my Princess.
She has made all the difference.

Poles, Sangatte

Cap Blanc Nez, again

This image was made the first time I went to the Opal Coast, a few months after my divorce in 2006 and it was also the first weekend I organized with my two daughters.

Although it was a great weekend it was also very difficult as we hadn’t found equilibrium yet in this new situation where my kids had to coop with separated parents and where my time with them was limited to only two weekends a month.