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Little pink flower

May 1st.
It has been a sunny and relatively warm day and I spend some time sunbathing on my terrace. More careful this time as a week ago I fell asleep and got sunburnt.

This morning, when Princess left my place, I went with her to the parking lot to say, well, kiss goodbye and when she drove away I picked a small pink flower and took it back to my studio.

I made a few macro shots and like these I’m now sharing with you.
They were made with my old and trusty Nikon D2h (I should get its sensor cleaned), a PB -5 bellows, a 20mm extension ring and a reversed Nikon 50mm 1,8. I used a handheld SB-800, connected to the Nikon body through the SC-28 cord, as a single light source.

The only thing I regret is not having used the Olympus E-PM1 because I think the results would have been sharper, more crisp because the Olympus has a very low strength anti-alias filter.

I love doing macro and more specific in studio. A few days ago I stumbled across the site of photographer Thomas Shahan and it inspired me. Unfortunately I didn’t have jumping spiders at hand.

Check out his website. It is worth a visit if you don’t freak out by the sight of spiders.
More via this link too.

Pink flower - 1

Pink flower - 2

Pink flower - 3

Pink flower - 4


Little A. is staying at my place this weekend. For this Friday she wanted something tasty for dinner.

So I bought some Shiitake mushrooms, baked them in butter and made a delicious sauce and topped it off with truffle oil.
The paste was al dente as she likes it and after the meal Little A. told me she had enjoyed it very much.

What could I do else than smile, a happy part-time father?

Well I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t kept a mushroom. Just to make its portrait.

Shot with my Olympus E-PM1 and the excellent Lumix 20mm f1,7.


A question

“Stop the car,” I yelled.
Big A. immediately hit the brakes and I was happy to notice she didn’t forget putting the gear in neutral.
“Holy crap Pops, what is the matter? Do you want me to have a heart attack?”
Big A. really was pissed and I couldn’t blame her. Learning to drive is hard enough without having some madman sitting next to you screaming like hell.
I smiled and apologized.
“Sorry my firstborn. This was just some stupid exercise and you did well, you stopped and didn’t forget to shift your gear.”
“Thanks,” she answered, “but why stop here?”
I pointed to a set-aside terrain.
“I want to collect some twigs and grasses.”

Patiently Big A. waited and after a few minutes I climbed back into the car.
“Let’s drive, beloved daughter.”
And she just did that.

Half an hour later I dropped Big A. off at her mother’s place and before she got out she inquired if I was going to ask Princess The question.
“Sure as hell,” I nodded.
“Good luck old man. Keep me informed.”
Big A. smiled and gave me a big hug. Then she was gone.
For different reasons Princess and I can’t live together yet but we are looking forward to the day we can. It is merely a matter of time.
We promised each other we would spend the rest of our life together, for the better and the worse, and this bond, this promise is carved, indelible, in both our heart and soul. And one day, in the future, I will ask for her hand.

While I waited for Princess, she would spend the night at my place, I made some photographs.

The she arrived and I took her in my arms and I held her and kissed her and gazed into her beautiful eyes, warm oceans of immeasurable love.
We sat down, Princess and I, and I took her hand.
“My love,” I asked, “would you be my fiancé? I know we can’t live together or marry and it may take a few years for us to get there, but I wish to say, to show, that I will be forever at your side. That my heart, my soul, my body belongs solely to you. You are my everything, my partner, my best friend. My Love.”

She smiled and bend forward and moments before our lips touched she murmured “Yes, I do. You and I,  my love. Forever.”


Golden shield lichen – Detail

During the weekend in the Ardennes I found on a nearby tree common lichen, Yellow Scales (Xanthoria parietina).
Xanthoria parietina is a foliose, or leafy, lichen. It has wide distribution, and many common names such as common orange lichen, yellow scale, maritime sunburst lichen and shore lichen.

Shot with a Olympus E-PM1 and the Sigma 180mm macro and Nikon PB-5 bellows.

Golden shield lichen - Detail

Weekend in Durbuy

We had a great Easter weekend in Durbuy, Little A. and I. It was very cold but the sun was present giving us a false feeling of spring. The B&B was okay but the beds not and we didn’t sleep very well but breakfast made up for it.

Breakfast, Monday, April 1st, 2013
Breakfast, Monday, April 1st, 2013

Durbuy is also known for artisanal products and one of them is marmalade by St Amour, la vraie confiture de Durbuy. So I got a jar for Princess and gave Little A. some dough so she could buy a jar for her mom.

A 1000 flavors of marmalade. Durbuy, 2013.
A 1000 flavors of marmalade. Durbuy, 2013.

On Sunday evening I treated Little A. with a delicious dinner in La Calèche and afterwards I took her to some cozy club where they played jazz and blues. She didn’t like it, could not relate to the music. I respect that of course but when we were driving home the next day Little A. asked explicitly to play Nick Cave’s latest cd. She likes Jubilee Street, knows the words, enjoys Finishing Jubilee Street, We No Who U R and asked what Higgs Bossom Blues was about.

During our stay I made photographs of course. Memories for her and me, and some shots I would like to share.

The Olympus E-PM1 performs well in low light, especially with the razor sharp Lumix 20mm f1,7. Even at 1250 ISO noise is relative discrete and not disturbing.

Terrace with blankets. Hotel Du Sanglier, Durbuy.
Terrace with blankets. Hotel Du Sanglier, Durbuy.
From the outside to the inside. Restaurant, Durbuy.
From the outside to the inside. Restaurant, Durbuy.
Night shop. Durbuy, 2013.
Night shop. Durbuy, 2013.