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Thoughts – March 6, 2017

I’m at home today and probably the whole week. It depends on how I feel. Lately it has been stormy in my head. Nothing to worry about really. It will pass, clear up.

I am an experience expert so I know when to take necessary action in order to control these storms.

Today I found an intense level of mindfulness while playing with rope.

First I tidied up my bamboo box filled with rope. Coiled them again and bundled them by type in a cloth.

I have still quite some untreated rope, both jute and hemp, 6 and 5 mm so I did a few 8 meter lengths. Boiling them for about 5 to 10 minutes and then untwisting the rope and hanging them to dry.

Then I unrolled one of my tatami mats, grabbed my iPad and some rope and sat down. I had some incense burning and choose Miserere by Italian composer Gregorio Allegri from my playlist.

I grabbed some rope and closed my eyes while the music enveloped me. Bit by bit, like a snake whose old skin peels off, I relaxed and felt how the storm in my head calmed down.
Then there was only me, my personal space, the rope and the music. Everything else had faded into oblivion.

Earlier today I had watched a video on YouTube on how to tie a suspension enabling foot harness.

Tie for foot suspension - trying it out
I used my left foot to make the tie using about 5mm jute rope.
My first attempt was to tight and  thus uncomfortable. The second attempt felt very okay.
Just for fun I did the tie again. Then I suspended myself to the point where I supported myself only on the back of my head. It felt comfortable, even after 5 minutes.
Made a few photographs.

Then I did the tie again, with 6mm jute. It did feel a little more comfortable.

I had a pretty swell afternoon and I do feel more relaxed already.

Tie for foot suspension