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Thoughts – March 13, 2017

It is Monday and I am back at work after being home for a fortnight. The storms in my head almost settled down. It was hard this morning to get up and leave for work. I felt sick albeit I know it is my mind trying to trick me into staying home. All those incoherent symptoms eventually faded away.

Our part of the weekend was great. Princess and I had a good time.
On Saturday evening we went for dinner at Big A.’s place. Little A. was staying with me so she obviously tagged along.
We were a little worried because sometimes things can get tense. My relation with my eldest daughter has been difficult for years. The divorce certainly left some traces.

Recently Big A. got a promotion and it is obvious she feels better. Until recently she followed evening classes were one had to self-evaluate. That too helped Big A. to put stuff more in perspective and to be more open-minded and not to take everything as a personal attack.

Food was delicious, the mood relaxed and pleasant. Yes, it was a very memorable evening.

Back home Princess and I went to bed and we cuddled for a while and then held each other while we drifted toward a deep and soothing sleep.

The next morning, Sunday, we made love. Wow, it is still a passionate and mind-blowing experience. We devoured each other’s mind and body. It was voracious, wild and kinky lovemaking.

Too soon it was noon and I dropped Princess of at her place. The poor thing was exhausted, the intense lovemaking had left its traces.
At half past four I picked her up again and we visited Princesses’ sister who had invited the family for her birthday party.

Normally Stella and Little Star accompany us but lately Stella has been avoiding the family. They ask too many questions like how are you feeling, are you ready for work, how’s therapy working out for you.
They mean well but for Stella all those questions are so confronting because she knows she’ll never get better than she already is.

Immediately after our arrival two of Princesses’ daughter, Kay and Ar, left. They still don’t want to have anything to do with me.

The Boy greeted me warmheartedly and Bo said hi.
We all had a great time.

Around seven The Boy left and took Little Star with him.
It was already past bedtime for her.

He said goodbye to me and asked Princess if she came home later on stay overnight at my place.
My goodness, I was flabbergasted. Not only was it a very friendly put question but he made it sound like it was quite normal Princess stayed at my place, spending the night.

Princess smiled and greedily accepted the opportunity given by the question.
“I’m staying with Franco tonight,” she told her son.
“Okay,” The Boy said, shook my hand and off he was.

Later that evening we arrived at our place.
I felt so happy. An extra night with Princess and the cool reaction of The Boy. It is clear he finally accepts me.

It was still early but we went to bed. I kissed Princess and then she asked for a spanking. I was more than happy to oblige and enthusiastically reddened her delicious butt cheeks.
“Thank you Milord”, she whispered and I took her in my arms. For what seemed like an eternity I held the love of my life close to me.

Then I kissed her again and gently caressing worked my way down. Princess was already wet and longing when I reached my destination.
Slowly I brought her to an orgasm.

“Thank you Milord”, Princess sighed.

We kissed, I held her.
Then I switched off the lights and for a while we lay there, Princess and I.
Our breathing and heartbeat slowed down while we sank deeper and deeper in that delicious warm and comforting ocean of sleep and dreams.

We moved…

Two years ago I moved this blog to my new domain at SirFrancoBolli.org and I made this blog private.

Yet I got quite some requests from readers who want access. I get that. For a while this blog, francobolli666.wordpress was searchable on Google and C°.

The content of this blog has been moved in its totality to SirFrancoBolli.org and tons of new article been added.

For a brief period I reopened this blog to let you know that we, Princess and I, have moved to SirFrancoBolli.org.

It would make us very happy to meet you there.


Spanking Princess

Past Tuesday Princess spent the evening and night at my place.

She arrived stressed after a busy day at work and driving around for her kids. We sat on the sofa and I listened while Princess talked about her day.
I sensed it was hard for her to relax and I started thinking about ways to help my Love unwind.

Princess was sitting next to me on the couch, on her knees, turned towards me.
Suddenly I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down, over my knees, pushing her hips up with my left leg and started spanking her. Gently at first, then a little harder. I stopped so I could feel between her thighs. She was already damp.

I went on with the spanking in a more relentless pace and felt how she got even wetter, her panty now soaked with her juices, sticky and sweet and so delicious.
My cock hardened just by looking at her reddening behind.

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Leather whip

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A simple love poem by Princess

No rules this night.
Our given names
You are Milord.
I am Princess.
I belong to You.
Only You.

My body and soul
Need to meld,
With Yours
In this hypnotizing game
Of Love.

I want to come
So close
To You, Milord.
So I can look
In Your heart,
That is my haven.

Take me with You,
To the darkest
Backstreets of Your
Lead me.
Trust me.

Love me.

You make me
Feel safe,
Loved and wanted.
You make me

It’s breathtaking
When You
Mix all this.
Such a tasty cocktail
Of lust.
Make me drunk
With lust and wantonness.
Make me want more.
And more.
Help me grow.

I feel You in each
Fiber, molecule and
Atom of my body.
An intense and
Very extreme sensation.
Flooded I am
My senses exploding.
It is maddening.

And then Milord,
You simply take me


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The end of “4”

It started with a stressful evening.

Yet it changed, over time, so much for us, Princess, Stella and I, and I feel grateful having been a part of this story. I’ve learned to be patient and understanding but most of all I experienced the satisfaction of opening my heart and mind to others and I got two treasures of real gold back in return.
Boy it was one heck of a ride!
This is how I experienced it and I know for Princess it was only a sad continuation of loved ones in psychiatric care.
For Stella it was and is, I think, more about growing, transcending her selves and she did one hell of a fine job.

On January 3th (2013) Princess and I fetched Stella and Star at the maternity, drove to the city so Stella could officially register her daughter and then I drove them to the Mother/Baby psychiatric care unit that I soon started to call simply “4”.

What I remember of that evening is that I had to stop on numerous occasions so Stella could run out of the car and vomit. Stress.

At the care unit I told Princess to take care of her daughter and the baby, I would unload the car.
The brick I had put against the door to prevent it to close slipped away and the doorbell didn’t work. So I rang Princess and felt her iPhone vibrate in my back pocket. I finally found myself yelling “Hey my love open the door” on the street and it took a fucking long time before it occurred to Princess I was missing. Ah, love… 🙂

A few weeks later, during our first Salsa dance lesson, Stella texted everyone in her phonebook telling them she was infected with some deadly disease and prayed Star would be in good hands. That evening Princess and I spend our time doing damage control, texting and phoning, assuring friends and family nothing was wrong.
Psychosis is so nasty, so mind fucking, an evil SOB, I know, I have been there too, not that bad or deep but I know what it is. What it feels like.
During her pregnancy Stella was not able to take her medication and finally psychosis kicked in again.

It took some time for Stella to get a grip and the drugs to work. I saw a distressed and lost girl, a young mother, clawing to survive in those first weeks of then year 2013.

During the first few months I kept a low profile as Stella has an issue with trust but then she started to accept me. It was a very slow process though, but I could relate to that. Some things take time as long as there is the intention of making progress.
The Boy, Ar and Bo for example, Princesses other kids, never ever, in the two years Princess and I are together, made an effort to get to know me, they simple banned me from the start, the “foreign = bad” mentality.

When Princess could not free herself from work I drove Stella and Star to “4” and during the trip there was small talk, mostly questions from Stella, curious to find out who I am.
Princess and I took Stella and Star twice on a daytrip and both times it was fabulous and fun.

Past Wednesday, the penultimate trip to “4”, I drove Stella and Star as Princess had to work. We talked and Stella confided to me, told me about her feelings towards her father and when I briefed Princess she simply told me it was so great to see how Stella trusts me and tells me things she does not want to tell her therapist.

I must admit, I consider Stella almost as my daughter and Star as my granddaughter although I officially never will be. Neither Stella nor her siblings will ever accept that thought and I understand as doing so they would betray their late father.



Stella’s time at “4” was limited yet she stayed longer than most residents. I remember how many times we visited apartments so she could start a life on her own. Stella was turned down each time.
Single mom, no income (she has a replacement income), all the fucking blabla and more than once the not so nice thought occurred to me, hell, owner, I would like to see you on the streets to be spit on because you are, momentarily, out of luck.

Finally Star got an apartment through the social housing company. Her brother and sisters repainted the place, I did some things too and tomorrow, August 30th, Star and Stella are moving out of “4” and moving into a new life. For the first time Stella will be on her own yet closely followed up by different social support organizations.
Princess and I are going to fetch Stella and Star tomorrow.

I’m sure Stella will make it. She has her mother, and her brother and sisters to look after her and her little baby Star. And me.

It will be difficult though. For example I made a label with her name for the doorbell and asked for her permission to stick it on the doorbell. Not even half an hour later she asked me to take it away because it made her feel uncomfortable. Maybe her abusive ex-boyfriend and father of Star could track her down. Fears, trust, Stella has to coop with it.

But Stella and Star are surrounded by love and she will never be alone.

I wish Stella and Star all the best and I will do everything in my power to help them. They are a part of my family and I love them both very much.

Princess and I don’t live together so I am finally an outsider and I have some concerns.

Driving to “4” mostly took some 2 hours back and forth and half of that we were alone, Princess and I, stuck in the privacy of the car and being able to discuss everything. That will be gone.

Stella has subscribed to several evening courses and I’ve promised her that, when the weather is bad, I’ll drive her back and forth as she has to do everything with the bicycle.
So in the future I’ll be seeing her now and then.

But when Stella is on such an evening course it is Princess who will be babysitting and for convenience this will be at her place, her home where I am not welcome.

I’m barely tolerated at Princesses house, just accepted for the time it took to pick up Stella and Star when I drove them to “4”.

The Boy, Ar and Bo resent my presence in their mother’s home so I won’t see baby Star that much anymore and that idea makes me incredibly sad.

I will miss Star’s laughter and babbling, holding her, telling her stories so much.

The most important though is that Stella and Star are starting a new future. Stella has come a long way and I am so very proud of her.
I’ve seen just one year’s difference and it is remarkable.

Yes, I am so proud of Stella as if she is my own daughter.
She really is something!

I will miss the time with them so much…


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What a day!

Yesterday Princess texted me telling me she would arrive at my place at 19:00 and was looking forward being with me and badly wanted to play.

Princess took me a little by surprise, as I had not imagined her arriving so early. I had clothes drying in the laundry parlor and hadn’t eaten yet.

We fetched my clothes and then I took her to an Egyptian restaurant not far from where I live and outside, at the terrace, we enjoyed some delicious Shoarma.

Back home I took Princess to the bathroom to wash her when her cellular beeped.
A message from Stella telling she was feeling terrible and suffering intense abdominal cramps and if Princess could bring something that could take away the pain.
Stella spend a prolonged weekend with Star in her apartment, trying if she could coop without help, and I would take her to ‘4’, the mother/care unit on Wednesday morning.

We drove to Star, 10′ from where I live and gave her some Buscopan, stayed with her for a while, I heating a towel with hot water to put on her belly.
It is very difficult to know exactly how Stella feels because of her tendency for psychosis she often amplifies what she experiences. Princess had some cramps too so we thought it was only bad digestion.

Stella was getting tired so we left and at home I washed Princess and played with her for a short time but it was very intense and my love climaxed multiple times while lying bondaged on the floor and had a few more orgasms in bed before we fell asleep.

It must have been 2 am or so when Princess’s iPhone came to life.
It was Stella calling.
She couldn’t sleep, she was feeling very bad, the pain in her abdomen unsupportable and she couldn’t stop vomiting asking Princess to drive her to “4”.

Princess reasoned with her and they ended the conversation with a “we’ll see tomorrow morning” while I was drifting away in my sleep.

Seconds later my smart phone rang.
Stella again, pleading to take her and Star to the mother/care unit and I felt bad and helpless and Princess then took the call and told her we couldn’t and we would see in the morning.

At 06:00 Stella texted me asking to call her as her prepaid card was empty.

She was weeping and the pain horrendous and Princess, still half asleep gave me the phone number of their family doctor and I repeated it to Stella so she could call him.

We fell back asleep, Princess and I but not for long though.
Stella called her mother 20′ later asking to bring her a.s.a.p. to the nearest hospital. The family physician had diagnosed appendicitis.

Wednesday is my free day and Princess had to go to her work; not going is not an option.

I got out of bed and dressed and drove to Stella’s place and picked them both up, ignoring Stella’s pleas for an ambulance and staying calm and enduring while Stella went into overdrive.

Some 20′ later we arrived at the ER and I comforted Stella and then made a bottle of milk for Star, asked where I could find a microwave oven, fed her and made her say “blurps” and the baby girl vomited on me and I smiled because it was like having a little family over again. I felt so alive, so filled with love, just wanting to care for these two wonderful persons like I do for Princess.

Finally the diagnosis was confirmed and I phoned Princess and she was able to get free from work.

When she arrived I felt my emotions surface but I think I was able to mask it. I know I do very well in a stress situation like this but when I’m discharged or the incident is dealt with I get very emotional.

Princess and I filled in the necessary documents and then divided tasks.
I had to be back home because I had an appointment with my garage in the afternoon and Star could not stay at the hospital
So I drove home with Star to Stella’s home and when I arrived I put Star in her little bed, she was exhausted and thus very difficult.
Did some dishwashing and waited for Bo (20) and her little sister Kay, two of Princess’s daughters to arrive. It was raining and it is so silly, I know, but both girls preferred coming by bicycle rather than me picking them up at Princesses place. Even if Bo does not know me and she has no desire to change this, she and Ar (19) and The Boy (16) don’t like me although this is slowly changing.

So I quickly explained the situation not wanting to stay long so Bo wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with me in her sister’s apartment.
Bo thanked me twice for taking care of Star though.

I wrote my cellphone number down for Bo and left and went back home.