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What a night!

Friday in the early evening Princess and I went to our weekly dance lesson. Afterwards we enjoyed a drink with some friends on the terrace before my Love had to leave.
I had about 45′ minutes before Princess would return from picking up her daughter Ar at work and dropping her at home.

Some time ago I had bought an old chapel chair with a reed sitting for Princess but we hadn’t baptized it yet.

I set it up in the living room, shoving one piece of the sofa aside and turning the other half around so Princess could lean on it while watching the iMac 27″ screen. Prepared a movie and a playlist too and made sure the remote control of the Mac was at my fingertips.

Then I prepared two dark brown bath towels, one on the floor and one spread on the couch. Prepared a smaller one for myself, I get rather sweaty when we are playing, and finally lit a few dozen candles and closed the curtains.

After a shower and putting on my black undies, very sexy, designed by Valentino I was ready and, more important, I was now Milord, eagerly waiting for his lovely Princess to arrive and to completely submit to Him and His wishes; wantonness racing through my body, my mind and my soul.

Then I heard Princess enter the building and started the playlist so when she entered in my apartment, only lit by candles, The Host of Seraphim by Dead can’t Dance, was just starting.

“Wow,” she simply whispered and I could tell Princess was really blown away by the brooding atmosphere and already trembling in anticipation.

I grabbed her hair and kissed my love the pushing her in the living room.
“Ready?” I murmured.
Princess nodded.
I collared her and asked her if she needed to be cleaned.
“Yes Milord, I do. Please.”

I attached the leash to her collar and lead her to the bathroom where I undressed and washed her and inspected her and kissed Princess taking her back to the main room.

We started playing and it was one of the most memorable scenes I’ve ever played, 4 of them with aftercare in-between each of them.

Finally Princess and I played for a little more than 4 hours, a first one.

It was indescribably awesome, unforgettable and so very intense and extreme.

After playing we went to bed and on Princess’s request we played an extra scene, she wanted me to inflict even intenser pain and Princess lost herself into deep subspace, another first. Well, no true, she had been in subspace before but not that unfathomable deep yet. I did my best to comfort and sooth her, make her feel comfy and safe and when she came back she simply smiled and thanked me and we fell asleep.

To be continued

Waiting for Princess

An evening in town – A first

Princess and I have been talking about it for some time now and we finally made our minds up.
We are expanding our D/s lifestyle to the outside world.
It is a limited step but an important one.

Princess holds a public function making her vulnerable for compromising or awkward situations. I for myself do not care the least as at work I hardly have contact with outside customers, only being confronted, as IT-guy, with some 600 colleagues in the same building. Most of them I know by face and or by name.

So what is it about?
This Friday evening we are going to the well-known Fetish Cafe in Antwerp for our very first contact with other people from the D/s scene.

The Fetish Cafe is situated in a small alley in the old center of Antwerp and is in fact a series of very old cellars giving the place a dungeon style look & feel.
One can rent private rooms equipped with all sorts of fun stuff like a winch, scaffolds and a Saint Andrew’s cross for a very democratic 25 Euro per hour.
Here is a link with an English written presentation to the Fetish Cafe.

It is a closed BDSM-club on Saturdays but on Friday it is open.

When Princess, Little A. and myself where in Antwerp about a week ago we went trough the alley but didn’t find the Fetish Cafe as it keeps a very low profile.

We have no clue what to expect this evening so it makes if even more thrilling.

Princess will be taking her collar but will not be wearing it when we enter because I do not want to make her feel uncomfortable. If the mood is right and there are more D/s present she promised me to put it on.

If we like the place we will be going there more often and I can imagine renting a private dungeon for us both in the future.

Princess and I are not yet ready to visit the Fetish Cafe during the private and thus closed BDSM-events. Although it is not a swinger club sex is allowed during these privately organized happenings.
I don’t mind watching other people but Princess and I don’t want our physical integrity to be compromised in any way.
We don’t want to be shared or even being touched by somebody else and this is an absolute hard limit.
Besides that everything goes a far as I am concerned as long as Princess feel at ease and comfortable.

Tomorrow we are spending the whole day at the beach in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, and we are taking Stella and Star with us.

So don’t expect an account of our evening in the Fetish Cafe before Sunday.

Taken from the website of The Fetish Café
Taken from the website of The Fetish Café

Thoughts – May 23th, 2013

It is great to look back, even if it spans only a few weeks, and notice everything is becoming better.
Princess is spending more and more of her nights at my place and I have grown accustomed waking up and seeing the Love of my life lying next to me, still sound asleep. Giving her the slightest of kisses on her forehead, afraid of waking her up, sliding out of bed, so early in the morning while the only thing I want is to stay with her.
It is so great to find traces of her in the bathroom, a toothbrush, make-up, or shoes in the dressing room and it shows how Princess is now really a part of my life. And vice versa.

A few weeks ago we spent a day at the seaside with Stella and Star. It was a nice day with lots of sun but still rather cold. I made a zillion photographs and later on, while envisioning them, Princess told me her daughter was really radiating with happiness and pleasure. For a moment Stella had forgotten her troubles. Star just smiled, sucked her bottle, pooped and slept.

We were, Princess, Stella, Star and I, for a moment, one day, a small family and it felt damn good.

Finally Stella got a message from the social housing company that an apartment was assigned to her. And in a month or two, maybe three, she will say goodbye to ‘4’, the mother/baby unit where she has been staying since the beginning of January. Letting loose, starting something new, I don’t think it will be easy for Stella but she is surrounded by people who love and care for her.

Hell, even Little A. is spending more and more time at my place.

And we, Princess and I, well, we are evolving in this BDSM lifestyle that has added so much pleasure and spice to our life, in the same time developing our personalities.
Shibari will be our next step, a mix of patience, art and photography, submission too of course.
Princess has also indicated she would love to enter the nightlife, the pubs where kindred spirits meet and off course I am all ears.

May 23th.
T-4 days
Almost 54

Fuck I have waited 52 years before being finally 100% happy in every way one can think of.
Thank you Princess.
I love you more than life.
You and I.

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