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Reveries and thoughts – August 3th, 2013

Saturday afternoon, Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
Star was getting hungry so Princess, Stella and I found an empty table on a terrace and enjoyed a beer while Princess gave Star her fruit puree.

“Hey Franco, what’s the matter? You seem miles away,” I heard Stella ask, pulling me out of my daydream.
“Nothing special,” I smiled, “just enjoying the moment”.

As a matter of fact I was miles away, still savoring our visit to The Fetish Café which, obviously, I could not reveal to Stella.
Ah, the possibilities lying in front of us.
Playing in a new environment, a real dungeon no less, filled with all sorts of goodies. Meeting people and expanding our horizon, getting new ideas.
For our first private party, maybe even more than one, we would see which way the wind’s blowing before getting our hands dirty.
Atmosphere and people attending to the events are equally important and we should feel safe and at ease, not being pushed or accosted by other attendees.
It would be sad if our first experience would be spoiled in some way.

Looking at other people will satisfy my voyeuristic tendencies and I already know I will have no problem whatsoever showing myself. But am I ready to show Princess, revealing her beauty to others?
I am curious how it will feel playing while other people are watching us.
So many new experiences waiting…

We should go shopping too, Princess and I. She will need something special to wear, a Latex dress maybe or a gorgeous and very sensual lace corset top.
Just the idea getting sexy clothes for Princess is already titillating and something to look forward to.

“Do you want to hold Star for a moment?” Princess asked.
I took Star in my arms giving her a tiny kiss and she chuckled while drooling on my T-shirt. She is such a lovely and joyful baby.

Here I was, sitting and enjoying just the simplest of things with Princess, my love, my everything. Holding her daughter’s baby, me, a surrogate grandpa, and with so much good things happening around me, around us.
Hell I thought and thanked an unnamed entity for making my life so worthwhile, so magnificent and filled with laughter and happiness. And love, oh boy, so much intense and unconditional love.
It hasn’t always been that way but fuck, it is the here and know that counts.
And our future.

Let's go


I have a very difficult relationship with Big A. (19).
Is it because her mother and me separated when Big A.  was 12? There is no way to know.
I really love my firstborn with all my heart and I would do anything for her. As I would for Little A. (13) with whom I have a completely different and very close bond.

Well I don’t see Big A. that much anymore. Boyfriends, school, student jobs and, let’s cut the crap, she does not like being at my place because she thinks it is not clean and tidy and books and things lying around the apartment disturb her.

The other day she wanted to spend some time with me and we went for a walk in our main shopping street.
“Has been a long time Pops,” she said.
I nodded.
“So what’s up?” She sounded really interested so I told her how Princess and I are spending more and more time together and gave her an update about Stella and Star and then I knew I was in trouble.

Big A. once again chastised me about a photograph of Princess and I with Star in my knee pinned against a wall in my bedroom between photographs of my daughters and drawings and notes the wrote me.
She can’t understand that I have caring feelings for “that baby” as she and her mother Stella, Princess’ eldest daughter, are not and will not ever be family. Let alone that I care for Stella too.
I think Big A. feels threatened by and jealous of Stella and Star and I knew this was going to end in a dispute so I quickly changed subjects and showed an image of my chest of drawers I had bought the day before. It turned out not to be a smart move.
“Nice,” Big A. said, “but why didn’t you show it to me when I arrived earlier at your place.”
I smiled and told her I didn’t want her to pull out one of the drawers by curious accident. Hell, they contain our toys, rope, clamps, floggers and so on.
Oh boy, I was now walking through a minefield.
“I would not have done that,” Big A. replied dryly.
Once again I smiled replying one never knows, putting my foot on a mine.
It exploded in my face.
“Because I know what you and Princess are up to, playing at,” she answered hardly able to hide her disgust.
I was flabbergasted and after a short moment where I was thinking about my next move, I asked what she meant. Had she seen the riding crops in my bedroom or had she peeked in the black boxes I also keep there?
“I don’t want to talk about it. It is after all your business.”
When life gives you lemons then make lemonade.

“Let’s go to the book store,” I said, “I know you wanted to buy a book, I would love to give it.”
Ten minutes later we excited the bookstore.
“Thank you, Dad,” she said, beaming at me, “I heard so much chatter about this book,  omg, I’m so curious about it.”

Go figure.
Big A. is going to read 50 Shades of Grey.


It is going to jump you

New life

We finally went to bed, Princess and I.
It was still December 25th, 23:47.

Slowly I peeled all that sexy clothing of her body, my personal Xmas present.

We mixed pleasure with pain and I made Princess cum and held her in my arms, caressing her. Aftercare is so important, so very intimate.

Fucked her thoroughly the way she loves it.
Fucked her hard, pulling her hair and choking her and painfully pinching her buttocks and nipples.

Think I switched off the light at 02:00.

A text at 05:03 woke us up but it was false alarm. Just one of her daughters with stomach pain asking what she could do about it.
“Did you sleep well?” I asked Princess after she had texted back.
“No, not really, I’m feeling nervous.”
Her hand caressed my jaw and I instantly became hard.
“Can I be of some help?” I asked.
I could almost feel her smile in the darkness of our bedroom.
Once again I made her cum and we kissed and fell asleep.

We woke up at 10:00.
Enjoyed the moment, the tender kisses and the love one feels when one opens his/her eyes and sees the beloved one.
Princess was giving me head when her iPhone started ringing.
“Sorry, I can’t talk now.”
“No, I’m busy.”
“Okay, call you back in 15 minutes.”

“?” I asked.
“My eldest one,” Princess told me.
“They are going to force the delivery.”

“You should be on you way then,” I told her.
I helped her pack.

When she drove away a cloud pregnant with melancholy filled my heart. It hasn’t left me. I feel so emotional and I don’t know why and yet maybe I do.

Princess is going to help her daughter, a single mom, deliver.
It will be her first grandchild and in some way I feel like I’m going to be a grandfather as I feel connected with her daughter.

I’m so happy for her, for them.
New life.
New love.

And I’m a part of it all.
Lucky me.