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At last #ASMSG

I am
Stumbling in the darkness
Searching for the
Meaning of
My own I.

Hungry skin,
Yearning for sunlight
And the soft caress of a
Sultry summer breeze.

A heart begging
To be loved.
Eyes in desire to drown
In the gaze of
Loving and caring eyes.

My hungry mouth
Longing to speak
Words of love.

Then you came,

I was at last freed.
I was finally born.
I am ultimately


You, Princess

A photograph of a poppy with vaguely, on the background, some writing. It could well be poetry written for Princess by me.

Do you remember that evening, Princess, 637 days ago, when I saw you for the first time?
When my world shifted.
Heaven became earth and earth heaven.
Time simply halted that evening.
Everything went dark.
There was only one golden light.

I knew there and then that I had found my Grail.
Nothing ever would be the same.
My life finally started.

637 days later I cannot understand how I’ve ever managed existing without you.

You, Princess.
And I.


Little pink flower

May 1st.
It has been a sunny and relatively warm day and I spend some time sunbathing on my terrace. More careful this time as a week ago I fell asleep and got sunburnt.

This morning, when Princess left my place, I went with her to the parking lot to say, well, kiss goodbye and when she drove away I picked a small pink flower and took it back to my studio.

I made a few macro shots and like these I’m now sharing with you.
They were made with my old and trusty Nikon D2h (I should get its sensor cleaned), a PB -5 bellows, a 20mm extension ring and a reversed Nikon 50mm 1,8. I used a handheld SB-800, connected to the Nikon body through the SC-28 cord, as a single light source.

The only thing I regret is not having used the Olympus E-PM1 because I think the results would have been sharper, more crisp because the Olympus has a very low strength anti-alias filter.

I love doing macro and more specific in studio. A few days ago I stumbled across the site of photographer Thomas Shahan and it inspired me. Unfortunately I didn’t have jumping spiders at hand.

Check out his website. It is worth a visit if you don’t freak out by the sight of spiders.
More via this link too.

Pink flower - 1

Pink flower - 2

Pink flower - 3

Pink flower - 4

Yellow. Dandelion.

It has been another stressful day at work and I’m still helping the Service Desk. Hell, being able to understand and speak several languages has its disadvantages.

Yet it is a challenge, taking the phone and speaking Dutch and the next call is in French, and then Dutch again, then English.

I didn’t go straight home this afternoon but parked near the woods and went for a walk. There is nobody waiting for me at home so who the fuck cares when I arrive at my apartment?

Sun was shining and there was a cool breeze and I was surrounded with a zillion signs of birth on thousands of branches ready to bloom.

I observed a heron, carefully wading through a pond, vigilant, then a sudden move and some silvery thing moving in its beak.

Older men jogging, breathing heavily and on their way to a certain heart attack, leaving behind the quickly dissipating odor of sweat and cheap cologne.

I made some images, nothing special, I just wanted to clear my mind, unwind.


Thoughts – April 8th, 2013

Finally spring is here!
Temperatures are above zero, there is a mild sun and a blue sky and nature is waking up.

There is new life and rebirth and awakening and it is so beautiful to see.

Seeds growing and developing, a prelude to flowers and fruit and scent and food for insects and humans.
And the promise of a certain death in autumn or winter already programmed too.

What lives dies.
What starts will end.

Nothing is forever.

We should embrace what we have before it is gone forever.

Few are those who know what they have, fewer even those who fight for it.
Even less who cherish the simple fact of pure love as it is so rare.

Spring - V

Spring - IV

Spring - III

Spring - II

Spring - I