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February 27th, 2013

Princess doesn’t sneak into my bed on Wednesday morning anymore as she started working full-time again. Now she comes over on Tuesday in the evening, when her kids have done their schoolwork and spends the night with me.

Last night we booked in Bruges for the first weekend of June, a week after my birthday. We choose the cozy Ensor hotel near the center through the excellent services of booking.com.

This morning we woke up early, 06:20, because Princess has to go home first to prepare and drop her youngest kids for school before going to work.

I get up with her of course and while she took a shower I made her lunch, two sandwiches with cheese, a banana and a piece of chocolate.

Wow, it felt so good doing this and if memory serves me well it was a first time I made a lunch packet for my partner.

Closed the door behind Princess and went back to bed and it was warm under the duvet and my love of my life was still so very present. Yet I missed the warmth of her skin against mine, the soft stroking of her breath in my neck.

The image was made with one studio strobe and some reflectors with the Olympus E-PM1 and the Sigma 180mm/3,5 macro for Nikon.