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Out taking photographs

I went to the woods this afternoon to shoot some images. I was over packed. Nikon, macro lens, my 100-300mm f4, extension tubes, flash, other stuff but I didn’t use it.

Instead I played with my Olympus E-PM1 and a 25mm 1,4 CCTV-lens. Shot in the 16:9 video format just for the heck of it.
Because I used the lens wide open most of the time my main subjects needed to be in the center and I was glad I brought my 8x ND filter with me.

I had a lot of fun but I’m looking forward to my VF-2 electronic viewfinder that I found second-hand. I’m pretty sure it will make my E-PM1 even more my main camera.

Still working on the images but I want to share two of them.

Flower - 2

Flower - 1


This Wednesday I promised Big A. I would pick her up from school and left a little earlier at home because not far from our rendezvous place is an old graveyard.

I had visited it on a previous occasion and today I had my Olympus E-PM1 equipped with the Lumix 20mm 1,7 with me. Because the sun was shining and it was midday in an open place I used an 8x ND-filter so I still could use maximum aperture for a shallow depth of field.

I concentrated mainly on details.

These are some of the results.

Graveyard - 6

Graveyard - 5

Graveyard - 4

Graveyard - 3

Graveyard - 2

Graveyard - 1

A cloudscape

Lying on my terrace, late afternoon or early evening I see a blue sky and lots of fluffy clouds.

It mirrors in my window, I see my curtains and a piece of the outside brick wall and an image is composed in my head.

I sigh, why bother standing up and getting my camera? I’m feeling great in my lying chair, glass of red wine, Shiraz of course, in my hand. Some music, Laurie Anderson with Another Day In America, not a song, more a short story told with a computerized version of her voice.

You fucking lazy fart I think, nothing is ever created by doing nothing. So I get up and enter my apartment. The Olympus E-PM1 is waiting for me on the table with the awesome Lumix 20mm f1,7 already mounted. No surprise there, it is the only lens I use.

Back outside I make a few shots.

For one reason or another I choose this one to show as a final result.


A few photographs

Last Sunday Princess and I drove to Yerseke in Zeeland, in The Netherlands to unwind and to dine in one of our favorite restaurants “de Schelde” named after the river Scheldt that runs trough Zeeland.

After dinner, while the light of the day faded away I made some photographs with my Olympus E-PM1 and the excellent Lumix 20mm f1,7.




Thoughts – March 26, 2013

The deep red colored Australian Bin 50 Shiraz is excellent.
I’m playing Athamay’s Pleasure of Sin and the tracks Eternal Torture and Kiss (The Whip) are among my favorites.

On the little table next to my computer I have my simple setup. One lamp, a light brown background and some crumbled silver paper. I have my Sigma 180mm macro mounted on the heavy Manfrotto tripod and with the appropriate adapter my Olympus E-PM1 on the lens.

Some seed pods I collected a few days ago are enough for me to play.

I enjoy doing this, the writing, the photography.

No title - 1

No title - 1 - Detail