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New life

We finally went to bed, Princess and I.
It was still December 25th, 23:47.

Slowly I peeled all that sexy clothing of her body, my personal Xmas present.

We mixed pleasure with pain and I made Princess cum and held her in my arms, caressing her. Aftercare is so important, so very intimate.

Fucked her thoroughly the way she loves it.
Fucked her hard, pulling her hair and choking her and painfully pinching her buttocks and nipples.

Think I switched off the light at 02:00.

A text at 05:03 woke us up but it was false alarm. Just one of her daughters with stomach pain asking what she could do about it.
“Did you sleep well?” I asked Princess after she had texted back.
“No, not really, I’m feeling nervous.”
Her hand caressed my jaw and I instantly became hard.
“Can I be of some help?” I asked.
I could almost feel her smile in the darkness of our bedroom.
Once again I made her cum and we kissed and fell asleep.

We woke up at 10:00.
Enjoyed the moment, the tender kisses and the love one feels when one opens his/her eyes and sees the beloved one.
Princess was giving me head when her iPhone started ringing.
“Sorry, I can’t talk now.”
“No, I’m busy.”
“Okay, call you back in 15 minutes.”

“?” I asked.
“My eldest one,” Princess told me.
“They are going to force the delivery.”

“You should be on you way then,” I told her.
I helped her pack.

When she drove away a cloud pregnant with melancholy filled my heart. It hasn’t left me. I feel so emotional and I don’t know why and yet maybe I do.

Princess is going to help her daughter, a single mom, deliver.
It will be her first grandchild and in some way I feel like I’m going to be a grandfather as I feel connected with her daughter.

I’m so happy for her, for them.
New life.
New love.

And I’m a part of it all.
Lucky me.