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At last #ASMSG

I am
Stumbling in the darkness
Searching for the
Meaning of
My own I.

Hungry skin,
Yearning for sunlight
And the soft caress of a
Sultry summer breeze.

A heart begging
To be loved.
Eyes in desire to drown
In the gaze of
Loving and caring eyes.

My hungry mouth
Longing to speak
Words of love.

Then you came,

I was at last freed.
I was finally born.
I am ultimately


Letter to Princess #ASMSG

Last night, Princess, I reached out my hand in the deep darkness of the night, to feel your soft and warm skin next to me.
I wanted to make sure you were still there, next to me.
I must admit, Princess, I was so scared you were just a dream.

You sighed in your sleep, my love, when you felt my fingers gently touching you.
I smiled, reassured and happy and for a while I listened to you regular breathing and my eyes filled with tears.
You know how emotional I can get sometimes, Princess.

I fell asleep again, a dreamless sleep. Why should I, my dreams came true that evening when I first met you.

Each night, Princess, when I have the pleasure of your company, I touch you several times, whenever for some reason I am pulled out of my sleep.
In disbelief, still not able to grasp how lucky I am that we found each other, that you are in my life, walking next to me.
And petrified that after all it is only a dream.

You will read this, Princess, on the tiny screen of your iPhone or maybe tomorrow, at work.
I am sure you will beam, softened by these words that come straight out of my heart.

Trust me Princess… each night you do exactly the same and even deep asleep I feel, for a delicious and intense moment, your fingertips running over my body. Then sleep catches up with you again but you are soothed. I am there, next to you and I’m not a dream neither.

I love you so much, Princess.
You are the one I have been waiting for so long.
Princess, you are my life, my future.

I want to grow old with you.

Fuchsia & green

A letter to Princess


It feels like it was only yesterday when I met you, a beautiful young and self-confident woman. I was so damn nervous when we parted that evening, asking, with a dry mouth and trembling voice, for your phone number.
I remember how you smiled when you wrote it down for me and how lighthearted I walked back home. Yes Princess, I already knew, it was carved in my soul and engraved in my heart, that we were meant for each other.

We dated for the first time two weeks later and I took you to a Sushi restaurant and we talked and talked. And then talked some more.

The first time we touched, when I carefully and very nervously took your hand, it felt as a familiar gesture and it gave me goose bumps as your skin was so warm, so soft and probably already yearning for my touches.
You know I still love caressing you, Princess.

Our first kiss was a passionate one and it tasted for more, so much more.

When we made love for the first time, some weeks later, it was an amazing, intense and wonderful experience. Watching you, caressing you, tasting you, so vulnerable in your nakedness, touched me very deep.
You awakened emotions in me that I had long forgotten of.

Months later we discovered in a leisurely and completely spontaneous way the D/s dynamics flowing between us and our lovemaking became even more intense, even more amazing. I believe it even brought us closer to one another.

We had a few quarrels but I know we wouldn’t have had them if I did not have started them in the first place. I still feel so sorry for these little dark clouds I put on our otherwise pristine blue sky.
And now, Princess, we are only three months away from our 2nd anniversary. I am so looking forward for spending our first real holiday together.

Since a few weeks we are wearing engagement rings and one day we will be living together and then, on some other day we will get married.
Our kisses still taste as the first one did and I am still insatiable.
Making love with you, to you, Princess, is still incredible intense and startling and I can’t get enough of you.
Holding hands makes my heart pound and fills me with tingling pleasure.
Waking up next to you still touches me more than I could ever express in words.
Being with you, looking at you, omg Princess, I am such a happy man.

It is June 20th, we are now 21 months together. I want to thank you, Princess, for everything you have given me. For making me a better man, for making me so happy.

I can say, Princess, without hesitation and to the full extend of these words that I have never, ever, loved someone the way I love you. I can’t start imagining you not being in my life.
With you I want to grow old.
With you and only you I want to walk the rest of the road that lies in front of us.

You and I, Princess,

Soft and beautiful

You, Princess

A photograph of a poppy with vaguely, on the background, some writing. It could well be poetry written for Princess by me.

Do you remember that evening, Princess, 637 days ago, when I saw you for the first time?
When my world shifted.
Heaven became earth and earth heaven.
Time simply halted that evening.
Everything went dark.
There was only one golden light.

I knew there and then that I had found my Grail.
Nothing ever would be the same.
My life finally started.

637 days later I cannot understand how I’ve ever managed existing without you.

You, Princess.
And I.


My belt

I’ve packed and I am ready to take you to Bruges, Princess.
This weekend will be, as every single moment we have spent together, memorable and unforgettable.
Most of all I want to make you happy and spoil you and make you feel special.
I want you to feel and to know how much I love you.
Yes, I know you do.
And I know how much you love me.
I can read it in your eyes.
I can feel it in you kisses.
I sense it in your touches and
The way you suck me.
Obey me.
Smile at me.
Want me.

As you asked for I have the clover clamps and the nipple suckers in my suitcase.
And your collar of course and I promise this time I will let you sleep wearing it.

Unfortunately my suitcase is too small to accommodate the horse whip.
I’m sorry for this.

Please accept, instead, the next best thing.
I promise, you will love it.
My belt.

My belt

A few words

I’m writing.

Outside darkness still reigns and snowflakes are falling on a frozen world, covering it up under a pristine white cloth.

Sitting at my desk, sipping my hot coffee, I miss you.
Yes, that is what I am really doing.
Missing you, Princess.

I want to give you not only my days but my also all my nights.
And my soul of course and while I softly whisper ‘I love you’ I give to you, Princess, my heart.

What was it again I wanted to write about?
Oh yes, I remember now.
It is about missing you so much, Princess.

Tied together