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I have a few passions and one of them is photography or should I say was.

After having five or so expositions I decided that the one in my hometown, in our Cultural Centre, last June 2012, was my last one.
I found my inspiration in my deep feelings of loneliness and a search for romantics. The weekends I used to spend at the French Opal coast where countless and each time I came back with about 10 real great photographs and about 300 mainstream shit.

Then Princess came in my life and I wasn’t lonely anymore, I had found love and romantics and my inspiration was gone.
Until now I haven’t found a new angle so my photo gear is gathering dust. Yet there is hope. Princess told me I could use her as a model for BDSM photography and post them as long as she remains incognito.

I ask myself this one question. Can I add something new to what already exists?

As for now, I would like to share some photographs I made before Princess came into my life.

Thoughts – March 10, 2017

About a year ago I did a few full suspensions and Princess liked it a lot. Yet we did not continue on this road. I did not feel comfortable tying a full suspension, I was afraid something bad might happen to Princess like nerve injury or so.

Tying a suspension felt like a stressful event so it was not a very pleasurable experience for me.

So we concentrated on floor play and floor suspension using rope for D/s and SM like with the coconut rope.

Being at home for a week and a half due to dark storms in my head, I spend much of my time watching videos on Vimeo and Youtube about tying techniques that lead to a full suspension.

Last week we practiced on a hip harness. Also I knew Princess find it difficult to support herself in a take-toke breast harness where here arms are tied behind her back. The stress on her shoulders become rather quick uncomfortable. She likes a TK during floor play though.

Yesterday evening, I tied a Shinju chest harness which leaves the arms free. A Shinju is quite decorative but also gives good support for a suspension.

Then I tied a hip harness. Over the past days I tried several types but this one seemed to give good support on the back, the butt and the upper thighs. There are many variations possible.

The Shinju and the hip harness are presented on the excellent Youtube channel “Crash Restraint”.

I fixed a support line on the breast harness, pulled it through the ring and while setting tension on the line I asked Princess not to tip-toe.

The line went over the ring again and then I secured the lines.

Next was the hip harness and and a few seconds later Princess was hanging in the ropes feeling happy as a clam. Everything felt very comfortable and we both felt safe too.

For a while I experimented with rope raps around her legs, re-positioning Princess while she explained what she felt, how her load shifted.

We had a blast.

I made a few pictures. When I had a suspension point drilled in the ceiling of our living, more than a year ago, that point was determined by how the furniture was set up.
Today I don’t own a TV-set anymore and the couch is placed differently.
What this means is that for floor-suspension I have enough room to step back and take photographs. With suspension it don’t so on the images I took yesterday I don’t have a nice background. This image seems a little unreal because I quickly photoshopped Princess out of the image.

Princess in full suspension – March 9, 2017

Thoughts – February 27, 2017

“Connection. For me, it is all about communicating with the rope. Making it an extension of my hands and my will. It is all about how you apply the rope and handle the person you tie. I love to see it give pleasure whether that be through sensuality or pain. That creates a very erotic feedback loop when it happens.”

Bruce Esinem, interview for Dominant Desires, November 2016
Not much is going on. I consider that to be a good thing.

These past two Saturday evenings we spend at the club. Past Saturday was about impact play and a hungry Princess took second helpings with a short break in between. The Saturday before was about tying and using the coconut rope. We did an intimate scene of Domination and submission using the rope. It is something I want to deepen more as I believe it offers so many new possibilities and ensures our growth in BDSM.

Lately we have been doing more rope and I made some photographs showing the result. I try to create nice looking fine art pictures but I know that in a year or maybe even sooner I’ll be looking back on the ties with a smile. That too would be a good thing as it proves evolution.

About a year ago I organized a private Shibari tuition at our home. It was a birthday gift for my Princess.
Albeit it was fun and the tutor very experienced, since then I forgot most of it. Too much information in one session and lack of time to exercise. They offer free training evenings in Antwerp. Dates are often incompatible with our agenda and there is the matter of very expensive parking fees near the city.

Today I am much more aware of what I want to achieve with rope. It is about Domination and fulfilling Princesses’ needs. About finding my voice, my signature.

Rope (bondage) is more a dance, a voyage than just having Princess dangling from my ceiling in some artsy combination of knots. It is about generating emotion and sharing intense moments.

Yet I want to grow, become better in the art of tying.
Wouldn’t it be great to be at the club and do a comprehensive and beautiful tie, even a suspension and present it, mainly for our own pleasure, as a little show?
It is great being able to master something but it is even greater to master it in a beautiful way. I am sure it will embellish Princesses beauty and grace even more.

I have been browsing YouTube in order to find intermediate Shibari tutorials that explain well and in a clear way with an eye for security. The human part, the connection is, for me, equally important.

There is quite some good and free stuff available. Often they lead to sites that offer online tuition for a (small) fee.

Most of these tutorials are very technical and often forget to address that human touch I am looking for. I want to get tips and tricks that enhance the emotions and reactions one can create with bondage. There is nothing wrong with these tutorials but that is not what I am looking for. I need an instructor who feels somewhat the same about rope as I do.

A few years ago, I got a two DVD Set called “Japanese Rope Bondage: Tying people, not parcels. Vols I & II“ and learned quite a lot. I found Bruce Esinem to be a very good tutor with lots of experience. In addition, he addresses the human aspect, the emotions and the reactions that go hand in hand with good rope bondage.

Yesterday I had a closer look at Esinem’s Shibari Classes and signed up for a few free classes. It is exactly what I am looking for. Each class is a collection of written information, in-depth tips and video footage. The fee includes personal 101 q&a.

I’ll be starting a series of classes but I haven’t made up my mind yet which one(s) to choose.

Then Princess and I will be using as much of our free time together as possible to learn and exercise. Creating photographs is our second goal and equally fun to do as it is an “art” project we are doing as a couple. Princess enjoys not only to be tied up but the modelling part in front of the camera is something she also likes. It is incredible, lovely and fascinating to see how Princess changes in front of my camera.

Meanwhile I made up my mind and have chosen the Suspension Techniques Level I class. It includes

  • Essential foundations of suspension
  • Basic suspension techniques with lots of material to read like beginner’s errors, coping with emergencies and much more. There is also a 45’ minute video tutorial
  • Hip harness suspension and 65’ worth of video
  • Vital skills, different suspensions, quick releases and a 53’ tutorial
  • Another hip harness by Nina Russ
  • A 2 & 3 rope TK with 28’ worth of video

I’m getting all this for 50 Euro a month. If Princess and I don’t waste our time maybe I’ll be moving to even more advanced tutorials soon.

I am not affiliated in any way with ESINEM and I am simply a paying customer who decided to buy his services.
In the past I bought the Semenawa rope, a Shibari ring and other stuff from Esinem’s site.  A delivery  error was treated swiftly and correctly, no questions asked.

Semenawa rope chest-harness - Detail
Semenawa rope chest-harness – Detail




NSFW – Our Image Gallery

I’m an IT-guy in real life. Bills need to be paid, toys bought and I need booze and food to survive.

IT was also a hobby and in some ways it still is. Months ago I stumbled over the Linux operated Raspberry PI. It is a cheap computer board with quite some interesting specs.

Today I am using a Raspberry PI with Kodi and I use it as my home theater. It is linked with a 27″ computer display. The Raspberry itself is equipped with an optional DAC-converter linked to an old Akai Equalizer and a Pioneer Amplifier and three-way JVC speakers. Music and movies are on a hard drive.
Sound and image quality are superb.

Another Raspberry PI 3 has been running flawless for over 50 days now. I tightened security, stripped Linux as much as possible and then installed Koken, a free content management and web site publishing tool for photographers.  Using a free dynamic DNS service by No-IP I am able to put my Raspberry PI 3 on the Internet.

I have already a photography blog but haven’t posted anything for almost over a year now. I have this love/hate relation with photography.

So I decided to use the photography website that is running on my 40$ Raspberry PI for BDSM images Princess and I create. It is a running project so every week or so a new image is added. Lately we have been doing mostly rope-photography.

My studio is equipped with 3 flash-heads, soft-boxes and reflectors. I use a 12-year-old Nikon D2h with a 4 Megapixel sensor.

Check it out by clicking HERE and let me know if you like it.

Portrait of Princess Model : Princess Rope & image : me
Portrait of Princess
Model : Princess
Rope & image : me

Princess, a portrait

I’m an avid photographer and I’ve shown some work of mine on this blog. I love doing macro and landscape and like to dabble a bit in sports photography, bicycle races mostly, because of the technical challenges.

I’ve a huge collection of downloaded artsy bdsm photographs and we both, Princess and I, occasionally browse through them.

We talked about making some of our own and we tried but I found it very difficult. First of all I didn’t feel inspired and kept asking myself if I had something of a personal touch or view to add to the genre. Princess was worried about being recognized, even if I would not include a headshot, her jewelry would give her away for certain.

Finally we made a few shots and one of them I posted on my “about” page.
This portrait, although very cliché, I do love very much. I added several textures and tried to create a kind of timeless feeling.

Yet I don’t feel the urge to explore this kind of photography. Not now anyhow and maybe one day I’ll change my mind. Maybe Princess will motivate me to try it again.

Princess in agony

Important changes to this blog

I’ve been rethinking the way I approach the Net with what I do, mainly photography and some, mainly erotic, writing. As a result I made some decisions and they have to do with this blog.
So here I go.

1. This blog, Princess and I, originally started as an account of our discovery of BDSM and how it affects our relationship. By definition such a blog is filled with adult content and does not appeal to everyone. I do respect that.

2. I have rediscovered photography as a way to express myself and I have Princess to thank for that. She is my muse. Princess inspires me and gives me MY much-needed motivation. I’ve some followers for my photography and I don’t want to confront them with other content that may or may not offend them.

3. After more than a decade I’ve decided to terminate my domain name and website. Since 2011 I’ve hardly posted new content on it and I have no real use for this online showcase anymore.

Princess and I will become once again what it was intended to be in the first place:  adult content about the BDSM lifestyle we both are discovering and savoring.  Of course Little A., Stella and Star, Big A. and so on will appear in this blog as they are a part of our life and affect how we, Princess and I, react.

I have started a new blog, for my photography only and these images will have a copyright mark without revealing my (real)name as this blog will also fill the gap when my website terminates somewhere end of May.

Unfortunately I wont be posting a lot these coming weeks. I’m a part-time father, I have my work and there is Princess of course and that makes up for the bigger part of my time.  I’m also starting online classes called “Crafting an Effective Writer” that I’m following for the next 5 weeks on

You can find my photography blog, empty at this moment, via and I hope to meet you there.


Out taking photographs

I went to the woods this afternoon to shoot some images. I was over packed. Nikon, macro lens, my 100-300mm f4, extension tubes, flash, other stuff but I didn’t use it.

Instead I played with my Olympus E-PM1 and a 25mm 1,4 CCTV-lens. Shot in the 16:9 video format just for the heck of it.
Because I used the lens wide open most of the time my main subjects needed to be in the center and I was glad I brought my 8x ND filter with me.

I had a lot of fun but I’m looking forward to my VF-2 electronic viewfinder that I found second-hand. I’m pretty sure it will make my E-PM1 even more my main camera.

Still working on the images but I want to share two of them.

Flower - 2

Flower - 1


I picked a dandelion with the intention to make some macro photographs. While setting things up I saw two plant lice (Aphids) sitting on the stem.

Quickly I changed gear and made this shot with my D300 (it has a relatively clean sensor compared to my D2h, a bellows, some extension tubes and the Sigma 180mm macro. Light is provided by a SB-800 powered down by 1 1/5 stops.

After taking some images I mounted my Olympus E-PM1 on the lens and filmed the lice moving. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to watch the footage yet.