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I've been a Dominant as long as I can remember and I love giving pain and pleasure to Princess, my Love, playing her like a piano, using both the black and the white keys, not in an equal amount though. I write about my D/s life with Princess on my self hosted blog I must admit that what pleasures me a lot is the aftercare because it brings us so close to one another, an intimacy hard to describe but so pure and intense. I am an IT professional and a freelance photographer. I love to think that I have freed myself from all prejudices, that I have a free spirit, that I am open minded. As a skilled photographer, specialized in landscape and macro photography I know beauty can be found everywhere, even in places where one least expects it. Finding internal beauty though is something I cherish and are among those fine surprises life tends to give. It would be nice to meet kindred spirits from all over and exchange stories and experiences.

An earring

March 20th, 2012
I took Princess out to dinner to celebrate our first 6 months together.
Gave her earrings.

A few days ago.
I drove Princess home, parked on her driveway and got out of my car. In the soft light of a full moon I saw something shining at my feet.

Intrigued I picked it up. It was one of the earrings, half buried in the mud.
I looked at her and she sighed, at the verge of crying.

“I must have lost it when I was looking in my purse for the keys of my home”, she murmured.

“Sure”, I said, mad as hell. “I’ll have to punish you; this is the first jewelry I ever bought you!”
Her beautiful eyes filled with tears.
“I’m so sorry”, she whispered. “I deserve to be punished.”
“What is it worth to you?” I asked.
“Ten”, she timidly answered.
“Okay”, I replied, “you count out loud; one mistake and I start over again.”
I finally gave her 30 hard whips.
Princess thanked me.
I told her it was entirely my pleasure.

Nipples & clothespins

I showed Princess this image.
“Oh no”, she gasped, “this must really hurt. My nipples are so sensitive. Never ever do this to me. Please.”
“I can’t promise”, I told her.

A few days later she was standing in front of me.
Arms tied behind her back.
She was completely helpless.

Very carefully I attached a clothes pin on her nipple, letting it go ever so slow.
Princess sighed, biting her lips.
Then I did the same to her other nipple.
Saw her grimaces but she didn’t move nor did she use her safe word.
To top it off I pinched a clothes pin on the tip of her tongue.

“I love you”, I whispered in her ear, softly caressing her back, making her feel safe.
“I love you too” she replied and I saw the clothespins wiggle in her mouth.
Then she laid her head on my shoulder and I felt how she was slightly trembling.

Her warm breath in my neck a so delicious feeling.

After a few minutes I freed her.
“Thank you, Milord”, she whispered.
I smiled.