A few future play plans

February 6, 2017

That evening, just a few days after Princesses’ birthday, we enjoyed our 2nd play-evening with The Stranger.

It was an extremely sexy evening.

I made a few photographs of The Stranger wearing his slave mask and some light bondage. I ordered him to pleasure Princess with his tongue and the infamous fuck-stick.
Princess got assignments too like teasing him, pleasuring us both at the same time giving head.

As a couple, Princess and I broke new ground by ending the evening with a scorching threesome. Obviously we kept it safe.

The next day I wrote about our ground-breaking experience extensively. You can read about it in Part 1, the play evening and/or Part 2, the threesome.

Afterwards Princess and I discussed the evening and it turned out she had very much enjoyed the experience of being used by 2 men. In fact it had been her very first threesome. It was an experience, Princess told me, that could be repeated once in a blue moon.

– – – – –

March 14, 2017

These past few weeks I have been thinking about organizing a new play evening with The Stranger. We’ll have to put our agenda’s together but I hope to make it happen somewhere next month.

As you know The Stranger is my slave. Albeit I am somewhat heteroflexible, like him,  I don’t feel the need or the wish to be sexually pampered by a man. On the other hand I have no problem touching and playing with a man’s privates. I wont’ accept kissing or anal under any circumstance.

I prefer to use my slave in another way so I can also satisfy the voyeur in me. Also I wish to satisfy not only Princesses’ lust for being used but also his desire to be ordered to pleasure.

Having his hands tied on his back so he has to move on his knees, or simply crawl on all fours, in order to pleasure Princess orally pleases my slave very much.
Watching the act while holding Princess in my arms or close to me, or kissing or looking in her eyes gives me quite some visual and mental satisfaction.

Having him tied up with rope or tightly wrapped in plastic foil, lying on his back, I like to order Princess to sit on his face so she can enjoy being orally pleasured by my slave.

Albeit The Stranger is looking for a Domme or Mistress he does find much pleasure in the way we play and how I direct the evening.

For our 3th play evening I have something special in mind.

I know The Stranger owns a chastity device.
The idea is for him to arrive at our place wearing it.
Princess and I will be waiting for him. He’ll be ordered to undress but to keep his boxer shorts on.

It will be Princesses’ task to first arouse him as much as possible by caressing his torso, teasing his nipples before she pulls down his underpants. I’m sure Princess will gently touch and squeeze without me ordering her to do so.

There will be much more teasing. Not only will he be ordered to satisfy Princess, I’ll make him watch from very close while Princess and I have sex.

I’m going to push my slave to the brink where his balls could explode.

If everything feels okay we’ll be ending the evening with another threesome. I’m sure it won’t take long before my slaves gets his long needed release.

This will post will be continued somewhere in the very near future.

This writing was previously posted on SirFrancoBolli.org

(c) http://cumonmy.com

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