Valentine’s Evening

Princess and I enjoyed our Valentine’s evening. We exchanged cards, I had written a poem and there were small gifts. The poem I wrote is a very personal one and an exclusive gift for my love so I will not be sharing it.

Dinner was great, Princess enjoyed my cooking skills and then we cut the delicious cake Princess had brought with her.

We drank some wine, talked, held hands.

Delicious cake

After dinner we played. I tied Princess up with the bristly Semenawa rope, made some photographs.

It is strange when Princess feels this rope, made fibers such as palm hemp and coconut, she desires a flogging too.

For the first time in almost 2 months, I gave Princess a fierce spanking. Indeed, Princess is okay again, her hip problems long forgotten.

Then we went to bed and made love. Then we started over again.
Finally, we turned out the lights.
We spooned, Princess and I, and in this safe haven of love, we slept extremely well.

Semenawa rope chest-harness

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