Spanking Princess

Past Tuesday Princess spent the evening and night at my place.

She arrived stressed after a busy day at work and driving around for her kids. We sat on the sofa and I listened while Princess talked about her day.
I sensed it was hard for her to relax and I started thinking about ways to help my Love unwind.

Princess was sitting next to me on the couch, on her knees, turned towards me.
Suddenly I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down, over my knees, pushing her hips up with my left leg and started spanking her. Gently at first, then a little harder. I stopped so I could feel between her thighs. She was already damp.

I went on with the spanking in a more relentless pace and felt how she got even wetter, her panty now soaked with her juices, sticky and sweet and so delicious.
My cock hardened just by looking at her reddening behind.

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A simple love poem by Princess

No rules this night.
Our given names
You are Milord.
I am Princess.
I belong to You.
Only You.

My body and soul
Need to meld,
With Yours
In this hypnotizing game
Of Love.

I want to come
So close
To You, Milord.
So I can look
In Your heart,
That is my haven.

Take me with You,
To the darkest
Backstreets of Your
Lead me.
Trust me.

Love me.

You make me
Feel safe,
Loved and wanted.
You make me

It’s breathtaking
When You
Mix all this.
Such a tasty cocktail
Of lust.
Make me drunk
With lust and wantonness.
Make me want more.
And more.
Help me grow.

I feel You in each
Fiber, molecule and
Atom of my body.
An intense and
Very extreme sensation.
Flooded I am
My senses exploding.
It is maddening.

And then Milord,
You simply take me


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About ending and starting again

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