Steel balls

I was dog-tired Saturday evening when driving back from the coast. We dropped Stella and Star at the “4”, the mother/baby unit and when we left Stella gave me an even bigger hug than that I’m used to and Star smiled and drooled and blew bubbles.

Finally we arrived at my place and Princess ran a bath and we took our time, talking about a zillion things, holding and washing each other.

After the bath I felt reborn, my fatigue washed away and replaced by desire.
Princess saw it in my eyes.
“Am I in trouble, Milord?” she whispered.
I nodded, grabbing her hair and directing her to the living room.
“Stand still and wait,” I ordered and went to our bedroom to get some stuff
out of the chest-of-drawers.

When I came back Princess was still standing the way I had left her, hands on her buttocks, shoulders pulled back a little. She has her moments, my Princess, and she can be a good girl.

I pulled the towel from her body while looking her straight in the eye and then pinched her nipples viciously.
“I am going to fuck you silly,” I warned her, kicking with my foot against her ankles making her spread her legs.

While vigorously kissing her I teased her between her thighs. It didn’t take long for Princess to get wet and ready.

Once again I grabbed her hair and pulled her over the back of my sofa so her ass was in the air.
I lubed them in my mouth and then effortlessly pushed the two steel Ben Wa balls (30 grams each) in her.
Princess sighed when my hand hit the curve of her buttocks and I vaguely heard the two balls making a ticking sound deep in her. Merciless I spanked her, hard, not holding back, then stopped and added a finishing touch with the riding crop.
She had her eyes closed, my Princess, and was making little noises indicating she was enjoying every moment. Her lips open, juices dripping on the floor. She was ready for me.

I grabbed her hips and pushed myself in her very slowly and it was simply maddening.  Princess moaned, moving her hips urging me to spear her.
Of course I didn’t and just moved in and out, millimeter per millimeter then trusting forward, my belly smacking against her buttocks and back to the slow pace.
On a few occasions I felt the Ben Wa balls against my gland and is was a pleasant sensation as it generated hot thoughts in my brain.
Her body tensed and she was ready to climax.
I let loose of her hips and spanked her twice.
“Come for me. NOW,” I hissed.

Princess did but I was not happy, feeling she could do better.
Hell, she knew very well what I wanted.
I told her so and she said she was so sorry and would try to be a good girl.
“Again,” I told her and grabbed her hips and pushed myself in her again and with my flogger I gently caressed her shoulders and with my other hand I spanked her.

It did not take much time before I felt her pussy pulsing and squeezing my cock.

I bend forward, pinched her nipples and grabbed her hair once again pulling her head backwards.
“DO IT,” I told her, pulling myself out of her, “please me.”

There was one long moan and then I heard the familiar and arousing sound of her juices splattering in the flagstone floor followed by the hard sound of the two balls she could not hold up anymore. I love it when she ejaculates and each time I remember that evening when she looked at me in disbelief when I told her I was going to let her spray her juices like a man.

My Princess, my love, her legs trembling, her skin covered with shiny pearls of sweat.
I took her in my arms. Princess could hardly stand straight and I kissed her, hugged her and soothed her, petting her hair, calming her down, feeling how her heart pounded and how she was breathing heavily.
Led Princess to our bed and helped her lay down, covering her up.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” I whispered.

When I came back she was smiling and she told me she wanted more.

We kissed and I pulled her over me and Princess took me and then I turned on my side, holding her in my arms, facing each other and I started moving, thrusting harder and harder.

Soon there was only the sound of my belly slapping against her behind and then I felt a warm fluid running over my thigh and she made only one sound, a deep “oh”. She shivered, my love, my Princess and it became intense as if she was electrocuted, whining and mumbling how much she loved me. Sighing she was going to die.
Princess murmured a vague sorry for the sheets and then she was gone.

I didn’t move for a long time.
I just held her.

When Princess came back she looked at me, amazed and happy, her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

“This was so awesome, Milord. I cannot begin to imagine it being even better than this.”

I just pressed my lips against her forehead and smiled.

Do not panic, Princess, we are just starting.

Steel balls

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