Musings – July 13th, 2013 #ASMSG

It’s almost 10 o’clock on this sunny Saturday. Princess left about half an hour ago and I already miss her.

We had a wonderful evening and went dancing. During the holidays Friday is our weekly review training before we move up to group 3 in September. I think we are doing okay, we control the movements but we, well, mostly me, need to work on elegance and refinement and, me, learning to lead better.

Princess in particular loved the instrumental “This is not a tango” performed by The Juju Orchestra very much and I’m including the clip in this post.
Enjoy my dear.

It is a particular style of Salsa we are learning and maybe after we finished group 3 we will move on to another dance school and learn the much more sensual L.A. Style Salsa.

It is the first day of my holiday. Tomorrow I’m picking up Little A. who spent the last 10 days in Italy on summer camp. She will be staying with me for the next 2 weeks and I’m really excited having her with me.

Last Wednesday Princess and I played and it was extremely intense for both of us and in the end Princess was really blown away to some far away planet. Princess is a good girl, giving it all, without boundaries and shamelessly begging for more and more.

I am very concentrated when we play but this time I took some time to make a few photographs. Mainly for our book of memories but we selected some for this blog.
As I intend to write about last Wednesday, I’ll use one of the images for that future post.
A second photograph, this one, is for the About page too.

I’m off now, for a walk in the nearby woods and arboretum, to think about scenarios, Princess wants to play this evening, and to make some photographs so I can post some on my photography blog.


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