Thoughts – July 10th, 2013

Yesterday evening I went to the movies full of anticipation and I wasn’t disappointed at all.
The visual beauty that was displayed on the screen blew me away and I was sucked in a story of decadence, love, hope, passion, betrayal and tragedy. A beautiful soundtrack and extremely credible characters made the experience complete.

Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” now figures in my top 10 of favorite movies.

Ever since I saw the trailer, mid March if I’m not mistaken, I told Princess I wanted to see this movie with her. Hell, I mentioned it a zillion times.
She saw the movie last Thursday with The Boy and Princess has of course every right to do whatever she wants to please her kids and I already knew The Boy wanted to see the Great Gatsby too.
I felt a little betrayed and cross when she told me.
So I bow my head, ashamed I made a fuss about it, that this simple and normal act of a mom taking her kid to the movies, ended in a quarrel with Princess.
I am truly and deeply sorry, my love. Sometimes I can be a despicable human being, victim of my desire to control. I am aware of this problem and I am working on this not so pretty side of mine.

I left the theatre and texted Princess that I would be home in half an hour.
“Okay,” she replied. “See you. I’m leaving here soon.”

Home I lit a few candles, selected a playlist (Daft Punk – Tron) and then Princess arrived.
We kissed and kissed, hell, I hadn’t seen her since Sunday evening.
For a while we talked, drinking chilled white wine and then went to bed.

The windows were open, it was hot in our room and I had only one candle lit. We continued kissing and then I bit her lower lip. Princess moaned and shivered, as it is one of her sensitive spots I recently discovered.

It was already late so I decided not to spank her. For some reason I have a distinct feeling the sound of my hand on her buttocks carries for miles at night. Instead I pulled her on me, I love it when Princess rides me, and pinched and scratched her behind while biting her nipples and moving my hips until I slid in her soaking wet cunt.

I penetrated her ever so slowly and moved back out, pushing just the tip of my cock in, and out and in again, looking at her, pulling her hair, suddenly trusting full in, pulling out and going back to a slow pace.

It didn’t take long before she came and Princess sank into my arms and I petted and stroked her in a calming and comforting way.

“Another one?” I asked.
“Yes please Milord,” she whispered.
“Move up,” I ordered and she did and pushed her wet pussy against my mouth.
Princess tastes delicious, sweet and creamy, I can’t get enough and my tongue danced, licked and drank between her silky soft lips.
She came again and I pushed a finger deep in her, by surprise and felt her body shake when she was swept away by another intense orgasm.

With her trembling body close to mine I blew out the candle and wished her good night. Princess was already drifting away and I knew I was soon to follow.
“I cannot imagine our life without us playing like this, with what you do to me, with me. Thank you Milord,” she mumbled.
Seconds later I felt her body and legs spasm, my Princess was now sound asleep.

Wednesday is my free day. After Princess left for work, I went shopping as she would be over for lunch at noon and back home I wrote her an email with instructions for the evening.

She has to prepare herself at her home, shower, trim her pussy, brush her teeth and pay attention to what she is going to wear as it should be very sexy and a little slutty.
My assignment to her makes clear she has to put herself in a state of mind as if she was ordered, by phone, through a website, whatever. Princess must ring at my door and when I open she has to present herself in a proper and arousing way.
I will then inspect the goods that are offered to me before letting her in.

The idea behind all this is to create a little distance so she can observe and undergo without being explicitly my partner. I want to introduce a new level of submissiveness, based on listening and obeying and being a good girl and adding rewards and punishment.

It is a lot in once for Princess to learn because I’m also busy teaching her to enjoy playing pet and finding pleasure and safety in the caresses, the caring and the soothing. I know Princess will benefit from this and the deep relaxation that comes with it.
She must get used to the idea and for the moment I think she still feels it is some kind of degrading.

A week or two ago I attached a leash to her collar and I walked to our bedroom with Princess next to me, crawling on all fours, wobbling her ass and she deeply loved the experience. Ever since she asked to do it again but I don’t like to have acts existing as little isles separated from each other. They should be linked together and form one story of intense submissiveness.

It is only because Princess offers me her submissiveness that I, as a Dom, can exist. Ergo without Princess I would be nothing else than just someone (vanilla).

Thank you my love.
You are truly God’s gift to me.
Fuck no.
I am an atheist for god’s sake.
Thank you my love, you are one of the few precious gifts life gave me.
Of course Big A. and Little A. my two daughters are priceless gifts too.
And while I am at it, come to think, Stella and Star of course.
Maybe The Boy and Bo and Ar, in a near or far future when they finally find it time to get to know me. When they are ready to open their hearts.

What will happen this evening after Princess rings my doorbell will inspire me writing the second part of “A new experience”.

A poem by Princess

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