A new experience – Part One

The day had been sunny and hot, a pleasant change with the chilly, clouded and very wet past few weeks.

On this airless evening I was standing on my terrace and admired the myriad of colors the dying sun was painting on the clouds.

I went back in, lit the candles, opened a bottle of Bin 50, excellent Shiraz so it could breath and on my computer I selected my favorite playlist, simple labeled BDSM. It’s a mix of rock, dark ambient and parts of the soundtrack of Story Of O.
The latter reminds Princess of the numerous whipping scenes making her hot in anticipation even before I touch her.

Back outside I lay down in my Transat awhile and watched dusk changing the sky colors, saw a single star appear. Soon though brooding clouds started moving in from the west. I wasn’t sure but for a second I thought I saw a distant flash and heard very faint rumbling.

When Princess finally arrived it was completely dark and the lightning and thunder were approaching quickly. We could almost feel the tension building up and that electrical smell in the air more and more prominent.

We kissed, I gave her a glass of wine and we stood outside and felt how the wind gained in force although it was still muggy.
When they finally came, the first raindrops, they cooled down our hot skin. It was an intense erotic sensation. We kissed, tasted each other, drinking the water that was now falling down in abundance out of our mouths.
We kissed and kissed.
Tongues discovering.

I pulled Princess back in the living room, now filled with the organic smell of wet earth.
Only a few candles were lit and ORE was playing on the background.
Nature added the lightning and the menacing thunder and I couldn’t have imagined a better setting for us to play.

“Please,” Princess said, “own me. Use me.”

I didn’t answer but simply collared her.
She smiled in anticipation.

“I want it hard, Milord,” she whispered, “I want to feel You, mark me, I am Yours. Forever. I want to caress the marks you give me for days to come as they remind me of You and our moments together.”

I grabbed her hair, pulling her face close to mine, she moaned.
“Don’t forget Princess, I love you with my soul and my heart,” I whispered.
“I know,” Princess answered, “I know.”
She tried to kiss me but I pushed her away.

“Strip. Now.”

Princess looked me straight in the eye. She is allowed to do so. I do want my submissive to be confident.
She didn’t move.

“What part of what I just said did you not understand, Princess?”
I hate shouting or raising my voice, preferring whispering so she really has to pay attention to what I say.

Princess didn’t answer.
“I said STRIP or you can disobey of course. We’ll just cuddle and then go to bed and sleep. It is your choice yet I know you want me to whip, pinch and bite your and make your skin burn.”

I noticed a hint of a smile and then Princess moved, very slowly, pulling her wet T-shirt over her head exposing her gorgeous breasts and erect nipples to me.

Her skirt slid over her hips and legs and when she moved her hands to push down her panties I ordered her to stop.

“Do you trust me, Princess?” I asked.
“Yes Milord. I trust You with my life. You know I do.”

The remains of hot candle wax, carefully removed from Princess' breasts.
The remains of hot candle wax, carefully removed from Princess’ breasts.

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