Letter to Princess #ASMSG

Last night, Princess, I reached out my hand in the deep darkness of the night, to feel your soft and warm skin next to me.
I wanted to make sure you were still there, next to me.
I must admit, Princess, I was so scared you were just a dream.

You sighed in your sleep, my love, when you felt my fingers gently touching you.
I smiled, reassured and happy and for a while I listened to you regular breathing and my eyes filled with tears.
You know how emotional I can get sometimes, Princess.

I fell asleep again, a dreamless sleep. Why should I, my dreams came true that evening when I first met you.

Each night, Princess, when I have the pleasure of your company, I touch you several times, whenever for some reason I am pulled out of my sleep.
In disbelief, still not able to grasp how lucky I am that we found each other, that you are in my life, walking next to me.
And petrified that after all it is only a dream.

You will read this, Princess, on the tiny screen of your iPhone or maybe tomorrow, at work.
I am sure you will beam, softened by these words that come straight out of my heart.

Trust me Princess… each night you do exactly the same and even deep asleep I feel, for a delicious and intense moment, your fingertips running over my body. Then sleep catches up with you again but you are soothed. I am there, next to you and I’m not a dream neither.

I love you so much, Princess.
You are the one I have been waiting for so long.
Princess, you are my life, my future.

I want to grow old with you.

Fuchsia & green

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