The discovery – August 15, 2012

I’ve been putting several Picasa albums online for Princess and Stella, her eldest daughter. Mainly baby photos of course. Star is so incredible cute and I have grown very fond of her and Stella whom I consider as my stepdaughter.

I also made and album with photographs of Princess and I, candid shots I took in 2012.
One of these images has a story attached that I’m now going to share.

August 15th, 2012.
Each year on August 15 a village near where we live is illuminated by a zillion candles and tea lights. It is a very old tradition thanking Saint Rochus (1295-1327) for saving supposedly, on numerous occasions, the inhabitants from the Black Death.
It was beautiful and there was no electric light, just the candles. And lots and lots of visitors of course. It is after all a well know event.
We enjoyed several live shows and one in the park, the performers dressed as 18th century noblemen, was noteworthy.

Princess and I were almost 1 year together and we enjoyed the romantic atmosphere of all these glowing candles.
We had discovered we both liked rough sex but we had not yet shared our mutual interest in BDSM let alone talked about any kind of D/s dynamics.

Maybe there was still some holding back; maybe we guessed there was mutual interest without being sure though. It is not always that easy to discuss things such as one’s sexuality.

We floated along with a slow-moving stream of people into a beguinage and entered a church also filled with a myriad of tea lights, a milky way of yellow flames.

In the back of the church hung an enormous chandelier with multiple levels of candles hanging approximately 2 meter above the floor. I estimated its broadest diameter being at least 4 meters or so.
Wow, it was breathtaking.

For a moment I closed my eyes and without any warning I saw, in my mind’s eye, Princess.
Naked, blindfolded and tied to a Saint Andrews’ cross. Lying under the chandelier, moaning and shivering each time a drop of hot candle wax made contact with her skin.
My mouth became dry by the sheer idea. I felt excited and incredibly aroused and quickly hardened and I still was hoping Princess would be more than just the love of my life, which was already more I would have ever hoped for.
I then took a deep breath, opened my mouth to share the image with Princess and thought, no, I don’t want to scare her away.

“You know what?” Princess said all of a sudden, smiling.
“Tell me,” I encouraged her.
“Lying under there, blindfolded, not knowing when the next drop will hit. The fear of anticipation.”

It took a few milliseconds but it could have been hours or even eons before my brain had fully processed the impact of her words. My throat had become dry, my heart was pounding like a madman in my chest.

I grabbed her hand and pulled Princess towards me, kissing her, smiling, and I guess I said some silly things.
The rest of the evening, this amazing evening filled with new opportunities and unspoken promises stayed what it was, a fairy tale.

The unspoken had been expressed in a fun and unexpected way.
We both knew things between us had changed for the better and our love life would never be the same again.

I can say without any doubt that BDSM had added a value I cannot start to describe to our relation and, of course, our sex life.


2 thoughts on “The discovery – August 15, 2012”

  1. that moment when you realize that great minds think alike!!!
    It is wonderful when love lets you be that honest and open.

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