Thoughts – June 24th, 2013

I am enjoying a day off at work. Little A. arrived on Friday and is staying till Thursday. We are due at her school at 17:00 sharp that day to discuss her school report. I’m pretty sure I will be proud of my daughter. After that I’ll be doing the same with Big A. at her school and I hope I will be proud of her too.

While I am writing this I’m listening to a rather profound piece of music. It is called The Host of Seraphim, performed by Dead Can Dance. I will associate this for the rest of my life with the ending of the movie “The Mist” when choices must be made and, well…
When we saw these final images, this grand music to go along with it, Big A. and I a few years ago, we felt as if an invisible hand dropped ice water along our spines. For minutes after The End had vanished from the screen we remained speechless, touched and completely blow away.
Wow, what a story and boy what an ending!
(mental note: I must see this movie with Princess)

The weekend was once again freaking awesome and wonderful.
Princess and I went to our dance course and stayed for a few more hours more practicing. We take lessons in a very classy Salsa Bar with a real wooden floor.
Then we got tired and all sweaty and we just sat down and observed our surroundings, absorbing the music and drinking our beers. Desperados if you want to know, wondering if we ever drink anything else than exquisite Bin 50 Shiraz.

When Little A. is staying at my place we tend to be very careful, Princess and I. Walls are thin and at night sounds seem to carry a long way and the slap of my hand on Princess’ delicious behind becomes like a gun shot, resonating for what seems hours.
I took a quick shower and when I entered the bedroom Princess was lying on her belly on the bed, texting one of her kids. What a sight, Princess’ beautifully curved ass, the pale skin, so soft and warm and responsive to even the slightest of my touches.

I kissed her buttocks and because I wasn’t allowed spanking, the noise, remember, I did to Princess what she loves and craves on and something new I recently discovered she lusts for.
I sunk my teeth in her warm flesh and it is so effective as Princess becomes wet instantly. This does not produce any noise, anyway, not from me that is, but from the corner of my eye I saw Princess pushing her fist in her mouth while I bit her over her behind.
After a while I found it was time for some more serious stuff so I turned Princess over and spread her legs.
She is delicious and open and wet and I love licking her juices, making her cum.
This time I added some biting too, her inner thighs, labia and, more gently, her clit.
Princess moaned, sighed, enjoyed and did her best to make as less noise as possible. She can be brave and a good girl too.

I had hidden a wooden spoon under my cushion and when Princess least expected it I slapped her clit with it. Once. Twice.
A third time.
Rubbed her clit to make up for the pain.
Hit it again in a quick sequence, like a firing tommy gun.

“Cum,” I ordered.
Princes groaned and pleasured me, ejaculating elaborately.

Did I mention Princess is a good girl?
She ejaculated a few more times for me and the next-to last one, and the last one, I had to ask if she was okay.
Princess had squirted in abundance, her hips shaking, goose bumps covering the bigger part of her skin and I her eyes I read a tale of infinite happiness.
She turned on her side, curled up, shaking, trembling, shivering; at the brink of crying as an emotional reaction.

I took Princess in my arms, covered us and switched off the light.
We slept and waking up next the her, omg, it is a present I’ll never get tired off.

Princess stayed overnight on Sunday too.

Of course we made love yesterday night and I did my best to keep it as vanilla as I could and Princess found it funny.
We made love for almost two hours and I did not pull her hair, pinch her in any way, slap her pussy or ass, scratch her or bite her lips or tongue.

Yes, we had plain vanilla sex and I had to concentrate for keep it that way. So many temptations I was able to bypass.

Did I like it?
Mmmm… just a little.


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