Princess, a portrait

I’m an avid photographer and I’ve shown some work of mine on this blog. I love doing macro and landscape and like to dabble a bit in sports photography, bicycle races mostly, because of the technical challenges.

I’ve a huge collection of downloaded artsy bdsm photographs and we both, Princess and I, occasionally browse through them.

We talked about making some of our own and we tried but I found it very difficult. First of all I didn’t feel inspired and kept asking myself if I had something of a personal touch or view to add to the genre. Princess was worried about being recognized, even if I would not include a headshot, her jewelry would give her away for certain.

Finally we made a few shots and one of them I posted on my “about” page.
This portrait, although very cliché, I do love very much. I added several textures and tried to create a kind of timeless feeling.

Yet I don’t feel the urge to explore this kind of photography. Not now anyhow and maybe one day I’ll change my mind. Maybe Princess will motivate me to try it again.

Princess in agony

2 thoughts on “Princess, a portrait”

    1. Thank you, happy you like it.
      It is Princess’ when she was gagged for the first time. Knowing I was making pictures for this blog, our blog, made her really hot and longing.

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