In Bruges – Part two

Bruges was a wonderful experience although the weather, certainly on Saturday, wasn’t what one could expect for a 1st of June: overcast and chilly.

We walked for hours and hours, visiting art galleries, the Cathedral and so on. There was a flea market and Princess found some handcuffs dating from World War 1, made in Czechoslovakia, heavy and so real, not the cheap shit one finds in a sleazy sex shop.

They were expensive and Princess asked me what I preferred, engagement rings or the cuffs as they could be interpreted as such too.
“Sure,” I told her, “I can see us visiting your parents wearing these cuffs. They sure as hell would be very happy for us.”
“Besides,” I went on, “they are very heavy and they will hurt after a short while.”
“That doesn’t bother me,” she replied, “it adds spice to the experience. You know how I am.”
Yes, I do, I thought and I love every bit of you.

It was very tempting but finally we didn’t get them.

Bruges is known for its horse and carriage rides and Princess drew my attention to the large whips they use. Later on she took me to a store selling typical Bruges lace but we didn’t find the small apron Princess had in mind.

It is fun when the love of my life gets carried away and looks for stuff we can use when we play.

When we arrived at our hotel that Saturday evening we were exhausted and cold to the bone.
“Care for a bath?”
Princess nodded, smiling happily.
“Lie down on bed for a few moments sweetheart, I will take care of everything.”

I prepared the bath, lit the tea lights I had hidden in my suitcase and searched for an appropriate playlist on my iPod.

We enjoyed the warm water lying close to one another, talking about the day and so on.
I washed Princess’s hair and then we went to bed and made love, very intense and ever so passionate. There was the hair pulling and nipple pinching of course and I told Princess she was not allowed to come.
She didn’t because Princess is a good girl.

Just before we fell asleep I told Princess she was allowed to cum the next morning. The only thing she had to do after waking up was get out of bed and take the foam camping mat out of my suitcase (we didn’t take a mattress protector with us), lay it on the ground and ask me to make her come.

We woke up the next morning and we made love again yet Princess hadn’t prepared the foam mat so I ordered her to do so.
She reluctantly did so and lay down and I made her cum and she was once again so emotional afterwards so I held her and kissed Princess and told her a zillion times I love her. Over and over, gently stroking and cuddling the love of my life.

Later that day Princess told me she had found it very difficult to obey, certainly what I had ordered her to do, getting out of bed and preparing everything. Not that Princess found it degrading or so, just the mechanism of being fucked and having a mat for that purpose, made it difficult for her to coop with.

Concerning the foam mat, I hope Princess will accept it as a part of our play but I won’t be using it anymore until she feels comfortable with the idea. It has nothing to do with soft or hard limits, that I am sure. It left me a little confused though.

I remember how she opposed to the soft leather collar and now she loves it. Princess needs it when we play and the other day she told me how strange and naked it feels when I remove the collar after playing.


2 thoughts on “In Bruges – Part two”

  1. what beautiful cuffs. it is a shame they were not ment to be part of your life. but i have no doubt that they will find a home with someone who will love them as much as you love your princess. And yes i understand princess. there is something so unromantic about a foam camping mat.

    1. We are much happier with our rings but I feel a little sad for these cuffs but I hope too they will find a suitable and loving use somewhere. As for the mat, it is unromantic as an object, of course, but is has its use in how we play.

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