In Bruges – Part One

Princess and I spent the weekend in Bruges and we had a great time. Well, to be more precise, our weekend was unforgettable.


Just back home now, uploading the images for Princess to see, she is at her place because her kids need time with their mother. I’m feeling blue and I already miss the love of my life.

I am tired too; we walked a lot as in our option a city must be visited on foot.

We visited art galleries, enjoyed diner. And we talked a lot about what we had seen during the day, about her kids, my daughters and how we are experiencing playing. And so on.

The most important happened late this morning, Sunday, June 2nd.

Yes, we had been talking about it, these past few months. What it meant for Princess, for me; the symbolism.
We kind of decided we would take this step during our first holiday, in September, when we would celebrate our superb and intense 2-year together.

We saw this small store with hand-made jewelry and in the shop window there they were. Two beautiful rings, hell, they really draw our eyes. One had a red ruby and red is Princess’ color. Both were made of battered silver.
Princess and I looked at each other, we smiled and we knew it was the right place, the right time, the right moment.

Adjusting our rings...

They had to be adjusted and Princess’ name was engraved in mine and my name in hers and when she took my hand and slid the ring over my left hand finger she made her vows and I was so touched I cried of sheer joy.
Then I gave Princess her ring and said my vows and we kissed and it was intense and not at all official but who cares.

Princess and I consider us engaged and I am so happy! Wearing this ring makes me proud, reminds me, each single moment of the day and night, how happy I am and how Princess has changed my life for the better.

Love and trust and so much more...

Thank you Princess for your friendship, your trust, your genuine and deep love. For taking care of me.
For your hugs and kisses.
For making me so incredibly happy.

You and I, Princess.
You and I.

11 thoughts on “In Bruges – Part One”

  1. my heart leaps with happiness for the two of you. the journey will be a wonderful one.

      1. Thank you Sweets. It’s odd how such a “simple” thing like wearing a ring can change someone. I feel now even much closer to Princess.

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