My belt

I’ve packed and I am ready to take you to Bruges, Princess.
This weekend will be, as every single moment we have spent together, memorable and unforgettable.
Most of all I want to make you happy and spoil you and make you feel special.
I want you to feel and to know how much I love you.
Yes, I know you do.
And I know how much you love me.
I can read it in your eyes.
I can feel it in you kisses.
I sense it in your touches and
The way you suck me.
Obey me.
Smile at me.
Want me.

As you asked for I have the clover clamps and the nipple suckers in my suitcase.
And your collar of course and I promise this time I will let you sleep wearing it.

Unfortunately my suitcase is too small to accommodate the horse whip.
I’m sorry for this.

Please accept, instead, the next best thing.
I promise, you will love it.
My belt.

My belt

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