Church chair

My father was a Catholic, my mother, with English roots, a Protestant. When they wed they where not allowed doing so in front of the main altar because of my mothers believes and she did not want to convert. So the Catholic priest performed the ceremony in a corner of the church. The year was 1958.
I was baptized and I couldn’t do anything about it, I could not say, fuck you, I want to make my own choices.
After all I was only 5 days old.

When I married my former wife, under her parent’s pressure, church ceremony was included.
I remember we had to follow some initiation about “love”, a few evenings during a 3-week period. It turned out I knew much more about Biblical history than she did.
The parish priest was an old man and he refused marrying us because I had told him I respected my partner’s belief but I considered myself an Atheist. After long negotiations and discussions about “respect” I finally had to sign some “official” documents promising that I would educate my offspring as true Catholics. Both my daughters were baptized and did their communions. I am a man of my word.
After out last “training” I told my now Ex I hoped the priest would end up in purgatory and be ass-fucked every single hour by the most hideous demons. She smiled but it never reached her eyes.

Ah, I love to hear those priests and Imams and whatever other sort preaching about tolerance. It counts only when you shop in their mall.
Damned hypocrites.

There is no doubt about it, I am a Christian and I am proud being so. I don’t kill, I don’t steal, I honored my parents, respect others and I don’t fuck another man’s wife.
I am just a human being with respect for other beings but this does not mean I am a Catholic. I simply do not believe.
With all due respect for those who do of course.

On numerous occasions Princess has told me how her parents pushed her, no, forced is a better word, into Catholicism with regular retreats with nuns and God and Hell and so on; Dante’s Inferno injected in the mind of a girl. The result of all this is so obvious… Princess does not want to be a part of this charade and resents it more than I do.

Mind you, I have no problem discussing belief with friends as long as none of us is trying to convert the other party.

I was out shopping in a second-hand store looking for a silver tray to use when we play. Princess will hold it and thus present me the clover clamps, gag ball, blindfold and restraints.

When I saw it I knew I wanted it.
A church chair I acquired for a miserable 1 euro (about 1,30$).
It is a symbol that I will use in a way it was never intended for and I will do so with much pleasure.

We, Princess and I, already used it and we simply love it.
When she kneels it is perfect for whipping and flogging and in that position I performed my first rope bondage.
She sat on it, tied to it, when I dripped hot candle wax on her breasts and labia.

Princess wants one for at home, in her bedroom she is decorating as a donjon, a playroom. Impatiently waiting for the day everything falls in its place and her kids accept me in their home and I will be able to spend the night at her place.

I hope I have not offended you, dear Reader and if I did believe me, I did not intend to.


2 thoughts on “Church chair”

  1. This made me think of my parents. My father a catholic of Irish descent and my mother was a divorced protestant. The church would not accept their marriage and they had a civil ceremony in the city registry office. Over 40 years later they are still enjoying their married life, but my father has not taken communion since as the priest told him he must confess his sins of marrying a divorced non catholic woman!

    1. I respect one’s believes but as I stated, respect is unfortunately limited to boundaries. Catholic, Protestant and so should mingle and this could bring so much good.

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