Thoughts – May 26th, 2013

Yesterday evening Princess brought me a bouquet of hand-picked lilac that grows abundantly in her garden. They smell delicious and I like the deep purple color of the small flowers.


We went to our dance lesson and learned a new combination. I guess I’ll have to practice this one a few times as I feel I don’t manage the footwork very well yet.

Back home we watched the last 30′ of Titanic with Little A. while enjoying a glass of delicious Shiraz. After that we went to bed, made love and after Princess had cum lavishly we changed the sheets and slept in each other’s arms, such an intense feeling.

Said good morning to Princess, we kissed, cuddled for a while and then she left.

It is still cold outside, the sky grey and almost no sun. It has been like this for weeks now. So depressing!

Last year at exact the same date, we were in France, at the Opal Coast, on our first weekend together and it was hot and very sunny all through the weekend.

This afternoon I took my bicycle, my Olympus E-PM1 around my neck, an extra lens in my pocket and I visited the Southern Colors not far from where I live. It is a fair where third world countries show products and hand-made objects, offer local snacks and so on.

I sat in a Berber tent savoring delicious Moroccan tea and enjoying a Cuban band playing on a stage next of where I was sitting. Missed the presence of Princess though but she had to spend some time with her kids.


This evening we are going out for dinner!
I’m taking Princess, Little A., Big A. and M., her boyfriend to a Chinese restaurant and after that the love of my life is staying the night with me.

Princess is, next to my two girls, the best thing life has ever given me.

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