Thoughts – May 23th, 2013

It is great to look back, even if it spans only a few weeks, and notice everything is becoming better.
Princess is spending more and more of her nights at my place and I have grown accustomed waking up and seeing the Love of my life lying next to me, still sound asleep. Giving her the slightest of kisses on her forehead, afraid of waking her up, sliding out of bed, so early in the morning while the only thing I want is to stay with her.
It is so great to find traces of her in the bathroom, a toothbrush, make-up, or shoes in the dressing room and it shows how Princess is now really a part of my life. And vice versa.

A few weeks ago we spent a day at the seaside with Stella and Star. It was a nice day with lots of sun but still rather cold. I made a zillion photographs and later on, while envisioning them, Princess told me her daughter was really radiating with happiness and pleasure. For a moment Stella had forgotten her troubles. Star just smiled, sucked her bottle, pooped and slept.

We were, Princess, Stella, Star and I, for a moment, one day, a small family and it felt damn good.

Finally Stella got a message from the social housing company that an apartment was assigned to her. And in a month or two, maybe three, she will say goodbye to ‘4’, the mother/baby unit where she has been staying since the beginning of January. Letting loose, starting something new, I don’t think it will be easy for Stella but she is surrounded by people who love and care for her.

Hell, even Little A. is spending more and more time at my place.

And we, Princess and I, well, we are evolving in this BDSM lifestyle that has added so much pleasure and spice to our life, in the same time developing our personalities.
Shibari will be our next step, a mix of patience, art and photography, submission too of course.
Princess has also indicated she would love to enter the nightlife, the pubs where kindred spirits meet and off course I am all ears.

May 23th.
T-4 days
Almost 54

Fuck I have waited 52 years before being finally 100% happy in every way one can think of.
Thank you Princess.
I love you more than life.
You and I.

This picture is not mine, it downloaded it from
I need to  make my own images again.


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