Important changes to this blog

I’ve been rethinking the way I approach the Net with what I do, mainly photography and some, mainly erotic, writing. As a result I made some decisions and they have to do with this blog.
So here I go.

1. This blog, Princess and I, originally started as an account of our discovery of BDSM and how it affects our relationship. By definition such a blog is filled with adult content and does not appeal to everyone. I do respect that.

2. I have rediscovered photography as a way to express myself and I have Princess to thank for that. She is my muse. Princess inspires me and gives me MY much-needed motivation. I’ve some followers for my photography and I don’t want to confront them with other content that may or may not offend them.

3. After more than a decade I’ve decided to terminate my domain name and website. Since 2011 I’ve hardly posted new content on it and I have no real use for this online showcase anymore.

Princess and I will become once again what it was intended to be in the first place:  adult content about the BDSM lifestyle we both are discovering and savoring.  Of course Little A., Stella and Star, Big A. and so on will appear in this blog as they are a part of our life and affect how we, Princess and I, react.

I have started a new blog, for my photography only and these images will have a copyright mark without revealing my (real)name as this blog will also fill the gap when my website terminates somewhere end of May.

Unfortunately I wont be posting a lot these coming weeks. I’m a part-time father, I have my work and there is Princess of course and that makes up for the bigger part of my time.  I’m also starting online classes called “Crafting an Effective Writer” that I’m following for the next 5 weeks on

You can find my photography blog, empty at this moment, via and I hope to meet you there.


4 thoughts on “Important changes to this blog”

  1. I am already there, I love your pictures, they are beautiful, I will wait patiently until you can share them again with us

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