Little pink flower

May 1st.
It has been a sunny and relatively warm day and I spend some time sunbathing on my terrace. More careful this time as a week ago I fell asleep and got sunburnt.

This morning, when Princess left my place, I went with her to the parking lot to say, well, kiss goodbye and when she drove away I picked a small pink flower and took it back to my studio.

I made a few macro shots and like these I’m now sharing with you.
They were made with my old and trusty Nikon D2h (I should get its sensor cleaned), a PB -5 bellows, a 20mm extension ring and a reversed Nikon 50mm 1,8. I used a handheld SB-800, connected to the Nikon body through the SC-28 cord, as a single light source.

The only thing I regret is not having used the Olympus E-PM1 because I think the results would have been sharper, more crisp because the Olympus has a very low strength anti-alias filter.

I love doing macro and more specific in studio. A few days ago I stumbled across the site of photographer Thomas Shahan and it inspired me. Unfortunately I didn’t have jumping spiders at hand.

Check out his website. It is worth a visit if you don’t freak out by the sight of spiders.
More via this link too.

Pink flower - 1

Pink flower - 2

Pink flower - 3

Pink flower - 4

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