Yellow. Dandelion.

It has been another stressful day at work and I’m still helping the Service Desk. Hell, being able to understand and speak several languages has its disadvantages.

Yet it is a challenge, taking the phone and speaking Dutch and the next call is in French, and then Dutch again, then English.

I didn’t go straight home this afternoon but parked near the woods and went for a walk. There is nobody waiting for me at home so who the fuck cares when I arrive at my apartment?

Sun was shining and there was a cool breeze and I was surrounded with a zillion signs of birth on thousands of branches ready to bloom.

I observed a heron, carefully wading through a pond, vigilant, then a sudden move and some silvery thing moving in its beak.

Older men jogging, breathing heavily and on their way to a certain heart attack, leaving behind the quickly dissipating odor of sweat and cheap cologne.

I made some images, nothing special, I just wanted to clear my mind, unwind.


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