A cloudscape

Lying on my terrace, late afternoon or early evening I see a blue sky and lots of fluffy clouds.

It mirrors in my window, I see my curtains and a piece of the outside brick wall and an image is composed in my head.

I sigh, why bother standing up and getting my camera? I’m feeling great in my lying chair, glass of red wine, Shiraz of course, in my hand. Some music, Laurie Anderson with Another Day In America, not a song, more a short story told with a computerized version of her voice.

You fucking lazy fart I think, nothing is ever created by doing nothing. So I get up and enter my apartment. The Olympus E-PM1 is waiting for me on the table with the awesome Lumix 20mm f1,7 already mounted. No surprise there, it is the only lens I use.

Back outside I make a few shots.

For one reason or another I choose this one to show as a final result.


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