Thoughts – March 24, 2013

Once again it has been an intense weekend, filled with love and emotions. It started on Friday although I must say technically it was already Saturday.
Princess had experienced difficulties contacting me by phone, I have no clue why except that my phone is unreliable and should be replaced.
So when we spoke it was already 01:00 Saturday.
“How are you?” she asked.
“I miss you so much,” I told her. It was true, I had been feeling blue all evening.
“Okay my love, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”
I couldn’t believe my ears.
We have two nights, Wednesday (or Tuesday) and Saturday and there would be an extra one! Ending my day in her arms, starting a new one waking up in Princess’ arms, it is an exercise I could do every single day for the rest of my life.

“Goodnight, Princess,” I whispered 2 hours later, after some delicious and intense lovemaking, and blew out the candles next to our bed.

Saturday we went dancing and after that we finally played for the first time in months with the flogger, the whips, the clamps and I added pinching her inner thighs while enjoying her wetness with my tongue.
We played for hours and slept well afterwards.

Sunday was the anniversary of her mother and at noon Princess phoned me telling me I could come along. Her boy and his two sisters didn’t want to go, exams and so on.
So I picked up Princess and Kay, her youngest daughter, and The Eldest One and The Baby and we drove and drove and finally ended at her parent’s place.

If I’m not mistaken this was the 4th time we all met and it was fine because they accept me as their daughters new partner and so do Princesses 2 sisters and brother.

In between I took some photographs, an idea Princess had launched. Her mother, she, The Eldest One and The Baby, 4 generations, not a bad idea for an appealing image.
I shot the photograph in a backroom, with a window on the right, the 4 women sitting on the couch and a huge reflector I tagged along on the left side.
It was for the first time in ages I used my once trusted Nikon D300.

The best was yet to come.
When we left her father took me aside.
“Franco,” he told me, “I want to thank you for what you do for my daughter and for what you do for Her Eldest One. It must be fine for my daughter to know she has somebody to really rely on, to trust. That she isn’t alone anymore.”
These honest words touched me very deep and I could only nod, as I wasn’t sure my voice would hold.
His words mean a lot to me as I think he is one of the few people who senses how deep my love for Princess really is.

Trust me on this, my love for Princess is genuine, pure and honest and has no end.

Twig and red

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