For the first time in my life I am a proud landowner and my property can be found on Islay, the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and the fifth largest Scottish island.

Does it have a castle or a loch on it? I don’t think so as my piece of land is no bigger than a square foot (0.092903 square meter).
It is plot 585810 and I got it for free just by entering a unique code that came with the bottle of excellent Quarter Cask Single Malt I bought a few days ago. One can only have one plot and on the site of Laphroaig you can read the following

All Friends of Laphroaig have their very own square foot of land at our distillery on Islay. FOLs that have made the pilgrimage to Islay are encouraged to visit their plot and mark their territory with their national flag, as a result the FOL land is scattered with flags from all over the World.”

Yep, it would be nice to visit this little piece of land of mine. It would be great to visit Scotland, to enjoy food and whisky, hiking and photographing.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll visit this part of the world with Princess, on our honeymoon somewhere far in the future, or just as a simple holiday.


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