Smells so good

Little A. came by, she had something she needed to get printed and because I have a large format Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II I got the job.

“Wow,” she said, “I’m smelling something delicious. What is it?” Little A. was standing at my desk.
I showed her the bottle.
Port Charlotte, heavily peated, Single Malt, 10 years she read.
I smiled and gave her my glass.
“A new whisky, dad?” little A. asked, then she inhaled with closed eyes, clearly savoring the fragrance.
I nodded and told her I got a 10% discount because I had attended the tasting session the evening before.
“Is it good?” she inquired.
“Yes,” I assured her and dipped my finger in my glass and rubbed the drops on the palm of my hand.
“What do you smell now?”
Little A. thought for a while.
“Something burnt?” she tried, then, with a big smile she added “smoke?”
“Yep,” I smiled and told her in a few words the influence of the peat that is used during the process of making this liquid gold.
Little A. asked me if I had enjoyed my evening tasting the stuff and I showed her some pictures I had made of the event.

Then she collected the print I had made for her, gave me a big hug and went back home.

Port Charlotte – The 10 Year Old

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