It was one of those hectic weekends where I drove around as a madman, making sure Big A. was on time in Antwerp where she was a hostess on a fair, a school project, and trying to be on time to fetch her later on. In between I picked up The Eldest One and The Baby and drove them to Princess.

That Saturday, February 23rd, it was freezing cold and in the early afternoon I dropped The Eldest One and The Baby at their mother/baby unit and drove further to Antwerp, stopped on the way at a McDonald’s and parked an hour later near the Middelheim Museum.

Like I said, it was freezing cold but I was dressed for it. I enjoyed the walk, made a zillion photographs with my Olympus E-PM1 and found the work of Per Kirkeby. It is just a building, impressive and huge, made with bare bricks and with multiple door openings.
It inspired me.

Bricks I

While strolling around with a Lumix 14mm prime lens on my Olympus, I made a few images that represented in a way my state of mind.
Princess and I discovered and enjoyed bdsm, mostly the SM part and we still do now and then and we miss this kind of playing.
I am more and more tender while making love to Princess and she likes it very much and yet she misses the rough play too.

What has changed as we miss the mix of pain and pleasure but enjoy the desire of making love in a very affectionate way?

Bricks II

I think I know why and I have been trying to write about this almost unnoticeable and positive shift in our relationship. Haven’t posted it yet because I’m not happy with the way I’m telling the story. Still polishing.

It has to do with The Eldest One and The Baby and the positive impact on our relation, Princess and I.

Bricks III

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